Monday, Monday

Ahhh, Monday. A new beginning to a new week that is so jam-packed I will only be able to face it by focusing on one day at a time. Today, I’m taking my happy self to McDonald’s so I can get some real studying/writing done. I know that sounds like the most lame plan ever, but something about the gentle background noise of Fox News and the fountain of neverending Diet Dr. Pepper soothes me much more than the voices I hear from the laundry room screeching, “Wash Me! Fold Me! Put Me Away!” At a point in my life when I finally have the house totally to myself, I must leave it to think.

I’m sure there is a medical diagnosis just waiting to be made there but I choose to cry out to Jesus while sitting in the lap of Ronald McDonald. It works for me.

In the meantime, I’m basking in the greatness of this weekend. Luke and I went with our college/newlywed kids from church to Huntsville for a belated Christmas party/early birthday party for our teacher Clay and Number One Funnyman, Adam. We ate at Longhorn and I had the most fabulous mushroom stuffed filet. So much for the diet. I think I made everyone sick at the table with my bloody steak as I’m a huge fan of Medium Rare but it was, in short, delectable.

There’s more I would like to share about our evening but it would include my once again divulging less-than-flattering details about my hubby’s driving skillz. Let’s just call him Aesop because in the end, a great “You can’t just DO that!” moral lesson was learned by all. And yes, I’m being mysterious on purpose. My college peeps know the deal and we’ve all sworn to protect the Preacher’s Honor. It’s so wonderful to have a safe place!

Moving on, we had a fabulous church service yesterday. I’m not at all ashamed to tell you my man was on FI-YAH. He would be the first to tell you it was nothing he did but rather God moving on him powerfully to share a difficult but necessary word. It was a beautiful display of the Spirit and I won’t soon get over it.

Okay..I’m losing my Mickey D. time so I’m off.

I’ll tell Ronald you said Hi…