I Want to Go Baaaackkk..

No, this post is not a tribute to LOST though it should be because HELLO, PEOPLE!! MY FAVORITE SHOW IN THE UNIVERSE IS COMING ON TONIGHT! Just don’t get me started on ABC moving it to Wednesdays when I’ll be in the church house. Since I am one of the only people in the civilized states who does not have DVR, I’ll be streaming Thursday morning.

Now for the real point. {Oh, yes I do have one!} For those of you who are new around here, I’m the proud mom of three boys and a little stinker of a girl. Boy Two just had his eleventh birthday which we celebrated Monday since he was out of school for MLK.

Now once upon a time I was a little neurotic with the birthday festivities. Let’s just say I’ve moved past the days of making table centerpieces from tissue paper, weighted blocks, dowel rods, and themed paper plates (though they were genius if I do say so myself) and have transitioned nicely into the non-party birthday. This year, Boy Two officially tired of pointy hats and noise makers and instead wanted a few friends to spend the night. The plan the following day was to go to the movies and walk around the mall.

Excellent stuff as far as I was concerned.

The sleepover was pretty uneventful until about 12:30 a.m. when Boy Two walked into my bedroom and said, “Dad, I need to ask Mom something.” Now I was dead asleep but he persisted in talking to Luke who kept insisting I was asleep until I was no longer. I finally, very sweetly, said, “WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU WANT?”

Very, very sweetly.

Boy Two said:

“Mom, I was just wondering. When we are at the mall, will you walk at least two stores behind us?”

The kid woke me out of a dead sleep after midnight to ask me to be invisible.

I replied, sarcastically of course because that is our love language, “Gee, Boy Two. You sure you didn’t want to bring a knife in here and stab me right in the heart while you are at it? That should slow me down.”

He laughed and walked out not having any idea that in front of my weary eyes he had grown up just a little bit more.

Maybe I’m not transitioning so well after all.

Next birthday we are totally getting a themed birthday cake.

And some table decorations. Some really awesome, homemade table decorations.