If There Be Any Music Lovers Among You

Wow. This has been one week where God has absolutely rocked my world from Houston to Atlanta. I’m working on telling you all about it but I have a more pressing question as I continue to work on study notes for my church’s “Stronger” Retreat.

I love music – particularly as a way to reinforce the message of Scripture. My problem is I’m somewhat of a band snob and I don’t venture out and buy cd’s unless they are among about six of my favorite artists. Because of this, I know I’m missing some fabulous music. What I’m asking you is this: What are some of your favorite songs that reinforce the idea of being powerful, strong, standing our ground, etc. etc. You get the idea. I want to make an iPod playlist to both pump myself up and also to make available to the girls who are coming for the weekend.

Can’t wait to see your faves!!