Do The Crazy Thing

So, it’s been an interesting week. It started out normal enough but by Sunday night, things got a little wonky.

You see, I got this email from darlinRenee Swope. She just happens to be the fabulous ministry partner to Lysa TerKeurst of Proverbs 31 fame. In short, Renee explained that even though we really didn’t know one another at all, God had compelled her to offer me two tickets to the Girls Night Out in Houston, TX. There was only one kicker: I live in Alabama.

Now I have to be honest with y’all. After the initial shocker of being contacted by Renee who I esteem highly, I pretty much resigned that God had made an enormous mistake and my word didn’t He know that I live in Alabama and making such a long trip on such short notice was out of the question? Did He not know this was impossible?

No, He did not. You see, I’ve heard it told that God is all about making ways where there are no ways. He definitely lived up to His reputation.

I told Luke about the email and basically said, “Isn’t it so encouraging to know I’m on this girl’s mind? Isn’t it so good of God to do that? Too bad He’s forgotten I can’t possibly go. I think He just wanted me to feel good by sending me this note through her. And besides that, WHY should I go? Why would I need to fly all the way to Houston to hear from God? Doesn’t He know I can hear from Him right here in Alabama? ” And truly, that was all we said about it.

Well that night was the Eleven Year Old Birthday Bash so I didn’t have a spare brain cell to think about anything but keeping the Cokes and snacks replenished. I went to bed thinking, “I’ll just email Renee in the morning to say thanks but no thanks.”

Monday morning during my quiet time, I talked to God about this invitation. I told Him how sweet He was and how adorable Renee was to reach out to me. I told Him I was going to tell her no. And that’s when He said one word: “Wait”.

Wait? Wait for what? Wait for an airplane ticket to pop out of the sky? Wait for a hotel room to magically appear? Wait for a babysitter to take up all my slack so that Luke could exercise his ministry that was on overdrive this week? And there was still the unresolved Why Question. It just didn’t make sense.

So I, being the good girl I am, waited. I took a pack of eleven year olds to a movie and while there I got a text from Luke. It basically released me with his blessing to see how God could work out the details. He believed God was in this invitation and encouraged me to consider it more deeply and not to brush it off based on the externals. How in the world do I deserve a husband like that? The answer?

I don’t.

So I cried. Not because Mall Cop was all that moving but because once again I realized there is one person on this planet who will always believe in me way more than I believe in myself and will go a ridiculous distance to make sure I know it. How’s that for loving your wife like Jesus loves the church? My man has that one hands down.

Anyway, I could get really detailed here but I’m trying to keep this novel rather than epic length. In short, within a twelve hour time period there was a plane ticket courtesy of my dad who has more frequent flyer miles than the beach has sand. There was a companion for the trip who was gracious enough to drive all the way from Austin to take care of me. There was a fabulous place to stay. And there was a mom and dad-in-law who were more than happy to come to the house to care for the kids while Luke cared for the flock.

So after all the questions of why, there remained one more: Why Not? Not one argument I had made was unanswered. There was absolutely no reason for me not to go. And after God showed off in the details, I had no doubt at this point that once I got to Houston, the why would be answered more fully.

And it was y’all. This post of Lysa’s began the process of helping me understand. I can’t really detail all God showed me here for you because my heart is still marinating in the conversations I had with some of the most amazing people. What I do know is my being there was absolutely no fluke. However, there is one overarching lesson I’ve learned through the whole experience that I’m not afraid to tell you.

I believe God wants us to be perched on ready to do The Crazy Thing. The thing that makes no sense. The thing for which there isn’t enough money. The thing for which we are insufficient. I was much too quick to default into doubt instead of allowing God the opportunity to clear the highway and then praise Him when He walked with me along the way. I wonder what your Crazy Thing is? I’m not going to tell you not to be afraid because there’s no such thing as courage where fear isn’t present. What I will tell you is this:

Do it anyway.

Because excellent things happen when you do….Just look!

The whole bloggy group. Missy tells who everyone is here and I’m totally stealing her post so I won’t have to rewrite it all. I have to give a special fist pump to Lysa who is just the most wonderfully encouraging woman with the true heart of a mentor. Thank you for building me up, sweet friend!

Me, Melanie, and Amanda. Linda and I had the added blessing of sitting near them during the event. Melanie’s necklace is fab and even though Amanda may feel 9 months pregnant, VVPG looks three. Just beautiful!

Renee Swope. Girl, thank you so much for blessing me and being God’s messenger this week. You make me wanna be brave.

Oh how I love me some Missy – wardrobe malfunctions and all. {Speaking of wardrobe – I really did have a cute outfit ready to wear but time and opportunity really didn’t allow for any freshening up. What you are seeing is my straight from the airplane funkiness. I decided I really didn’t care. } I kidded her that the red furnishings made us look like we were hanging at a brothel. Linda and I crashed in her house Thursday night and I think I scared the mess out of Magdelene. She woke up when we were getting ready to leave. I told her I was ‘one of mommy’s friends’. She looked at me with those beautiful eyes and started bawling. I finally convinced her I was one of the good guys and she was smiling at me by the time I convinced her to lay back down since it was weally, weally, weally early. And I only have one word for Shep: Superstar. That kid is Cool personified. Just like his mama.

***Squeal*** This is Lindsee, a.k.a. The Girl I Want My Daughter To Be When She Grows Up. When I figured out I was really doing this thing, I emailed her to see where she was in Houston hoping I might be close enough to her to see her for a second or two. Imagine how thrilled I was when she replied that she was going to be there! In the same church as me! So great seeing her!

And Linda, how do I not have a picture of us together???? Do you have one?? (She’s in the group photo, girls.) Y’all, I saved special props for Linda. She drove all the way from Austin to get me back and forth from the airport. She is a dear friend and faithful prayer partner. I couldn’t have made it to Texas without her!

I have no snappy endings. At this point you are probably just happy it’s finally over.

The End.