Spectacular Sins Book Club – Chapter 1

Hello my Spectacular Sistahs! (I could say Spectacular Sinning Sistahs, but, nah!) I am so excited to dive into Chapter One with you!

If I didn’t know any better, I would say Lisa gave me the hard chapter on purpose. Oh my skull. I have prayed for wisdom because I sorely needed it.

I must say however, how much this book excites me, because of the topic of God’s sovereignty. I spent twenty-five years with my behind in a church pew every Sunday, never once hearing the phrase “God is sovereign”. Perhaps you are like me in that respect.

But I was just (tearfully) explaining to my husband, knowing that God is sovereign over all: the good, the bad, the joy, and the pain, is, for me, the source of the abundant life that Christ came to give. Knowing the One who loves me and sent his Son to die for me is in complete control of every. thing. has been my peace that passeth all understanding, even and especially when I am in the valley of the shadow of death. I knew the Lord before – but now I adore him, trust him, and find my joy in him. All because of an understanding of His sovereignty.

It is my prayer that every one of you will come to love the idea of and embrace the power of God’s sovereignty as we work through this book! (This very book that the Father ordained before the creation of the earth for us to now study together!!)

Alrighty, let’s go. Remember to post your answers in the comments, but please go ahead and post them on your blog as well.

1. We’ll start with an easy one. What are the four reasons that John Piper gives for writing the book? Which do you look most forward to hearing Piper answer?

Here comes the hard part. I hope you read the footnote on page 24. If you are like me, you read it several times, then out loud, then needed to discuss it with someone. We’re loving the Lord with all our minds! Answer these as best you can (it’s okay if you are fuzzy – we’re only in chapter one):

2. What is God’s role in sin:

a. Does he allow you to sin?

b. Does he cause you to sin?

c. Does he allow temptation to come before you?

d. What resources does he give you to resist it? (quote scripture if possible.)

3. Are God’s purposes sometimes accomplished through the sinful actions of man? Aside from the Crucifixion, can you think of another biblical example?

4. Piper states that his primary goal is to magnify Christ. What are some ways that a Christian might do that, even under intense suffering? What are some ways that we might do that, during our day-to-day frustrations and disappointments? Have you personally witnessed any examples of either?

5. On page 29 he writes, “We are pushing our way through a blood-spattered life that makes us feel connected to the world yet disconnected at the same time. We are here but not here. Love binds us to the tragic earth, and love binds us to the treasure in heaven.” What thoughts does this provoke in you?

Can’t wait to read your replies!