My Thunder? It Has Been Stolen by a Ten-Year-Old

If you’ve visited around this neck of the woods in the past day or so, then no doubt you’ve caught wind that a scant few of us decided to meet up at a concert down at a little church in Woodstock, GA.

By the way, that guy Travis? Well, he can sing a little. I take back everything I said here about the most powerful worship performance I’ve ever heard live. TC and Friends with the Woodstock Choir blew the gates off heaven. I was emotionally wrecked after it was all over not to mention my mascara was destroyed. I told Shelly {yay I got to hang with Shelly!} if a couple of hours of pure, unhindered adoration messed me up like that then Heaven was going to wear me out. Truly, Jesus is going to have to give me some kind of energized body and long-wearing cosmetics to keep me from feeling and looking like a limp rag for all eternity.

There’s a ton of stuff I’d like to tell you about the day but in the interest of brevity and non-redundancy, I just have to share one little funny with you.

The Siestas camped out in the foyer and stampeded proceeded calmly towards the front row when the doors opened at 5 p.m. Our killer front row seats were on the side of the auditorium next to the platform where Siesta Mama hung out and worshipped beside us for part of the night.

Now, to set up the story just a bit, in the midst of all the praise going on, I didn’t even notice she was up there. However, at some point I caught some movement and happened to glance up to see Beth seemingly looking right at me. Then, she did this little scrunched up smiley wave that you would reserve for a bff.

“Wow” thought I. Beth gave me the bff wave. So, I did what any best girlfriend would – I gave her one back.

Thing is, I learned later it was for the 10-year-old-doll-baby-daughter of my friend Brooke sitting right behind me. Thankfully, I’m not alone in my thinking because Deedra (who was sitting next to little girl) thought she was waving at her and she waved back, too. A bit enthusiastically from what I hear but I won’t steal Deedra’s thunder because it is just wrong to do that. Cute Little 10-Year-Old-Girl, it is just wrong.

Bottom line is that once again, I’m an idiot. I’m just glad this time my zeal didn’t erupt into the embarrassing encounter that I had with this guy at Winter Xtreme.

And I hear a rumor that I’m the least of Pastor Johnny’s worries. Word on the street (or FaceBook) is that he had a stalker caught on film at the concert. Now that girl is a fruit bat.

To my girls, Jenny, Deedra, and Brooke: I love you each so much and am so glad you we got to share this day together!

And to all my not-so-invisible friends, I adore each of you more every single time we get together. What a rowdy band we are and I’m so proud to be considered part of the gang. (Y’all do consider me part of the gang don’t you?)

I leave you with a couple of pics I love:

Til Next Time !