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Hi! My name is Lisa and I’m having a fabulous day. Et tu?

A few weeks back my awesome sis-in-law Laura Beth asked me to talk about marriage at her MOM’s group at Peavine Baptist in Georgia. I drove down this morning and !YAY! I just had the best time ever. In addition to meeting all these new girls I got to catch up with one of my long, lost ballfield bff’s, Jennifer who is as crazy now as when our boys shared the baseball diamond a few summers back. What else can I say but that reconnection makes me giddy.

I don’t know that I can properly express how much I love meeting a new group of women and seeing how other churches ‘do’ ministry. I can tell you right now, Peavine is doing mommy ministry well. I fell instantly in love with their leader, Tonya. She is definitely a homechick (my new favorite girlfriend word coined by Lindsee Lou). Tonya’s family relocated to N. Georgia from Mississippi after Katrina. Best I can tell, she’s settled in and brought her some Jesus along. I am always smitten with lay people who pour themselves out with abandon for no other benefit than to see others encouraged and lives changed. I didn’t get a chance to visit with many of the mommies because they needed to run to a different part of the building to get their kids from childcare, but if you have come by for a visit and were there this morning, THANK YOU! I hope to have the chance to drop in on you again soon and in the meantime please come see me here from time to time.

After MOMs, Laura Beth, Frankie(my Mom In Law), Micah (my 2 yr old nephew), and I had lunch at one of my favorite home cookin‘ restaurants that I’ve missed terribly since we moved away. The food was scrumptious as always but the best part was the prayer. LB said, “Micah, do you want to say the blessing?” He said he did so we waited. Micah bowed his head, closed his darlin‘ little eyes and said, “Blessing.” And that was it! Hysterical! I’ve always said you should never catch up on your prayer life at the dinner table and my boy has heeded that advice, I reckon!

And if my day had ended right then things would have been okay. Instead, I came home and Luke was waiting for me with a scary looking piece of paper.

It was a job application.

For me.

How’s that for some Valentine romance?

There may or may not be more to share about that at a later date.

Speaking of later dates, LOST! OH MY GOODNESS! I just finished watching last night’s episode and thank you, thank you very much, I knew Jin was alive! And as soon as Charlotte read the French on the wreckage, I knew they would see Rousseau. And I knew that Ben was behind freaking Kate out about Aaron. Can it be we are getting a bit predictable, Lost writers?

As if.

Here are a few questions I have:

1. Why didn’t Roussea recognize Jin or vice versa when they met one another later on the island? Shouldn’t she remember meeting him on the beach and him likewise?

2. The nosebleeds….Didn’t Daniel stop that for Desmond by having him contact Penny – his Constant? Can’t Juliette, Charlotte, and now Miles do that somehow or does it have to be someone off the island they connect with?

3. Richard has the most awesome eyelashes. Is he born with it or is it Maybelline?

4.. I’m stuck on thinking the young girl holding the gun on Daniel in last week’s episode is either Penny’s mother or Charlotte’s mother. Remember how Daniel told her she seemed familiar? What do y’all think?

5. Sawyer is pitiful. Wouldn’t it be nice if Kate could be in both places at once and Sawyer could have Island Kate and Jack could keep Off-Island Kate? I’m not sure it’s biblical but it would make for an excellent episode or seven.

I have no idea how I started out talking about marriage with Jesus Girls and ending up hoping a woman can time-travel herself between two men. I’m surely hoping y’all can forgive my flakiness because I really and truly am not as schizo in person as I seem on the computer screen.

Lisa says to tell you she’ll talk with you again soon.