Things You Will and Won’t See in The Love Dare

This has been the week for movie-watchin‘ at our house. As shameful as it is to admit, Luke and I haven’t watched Fireproof before now. Seriously. What kind of religious people are we not supporting the one wholesome theatre production of 2008?

I’m glad we finally saw it so I would know what is in the Love Dare. I never think to pick up a copy at LifeWay so I was kind of vague on the content. Since we’ve seen the movie, Luke and I have been somewhat-jokingly compiling a list of things we’ve said and done that are and are not in the Love Dare. Everytime a moment strikes, one of us will proclaim it either Love Dare or Not Love Dare Worthy and then laugh our butts off. Here are just a few:

1. Having your husband say, “Don’t get comfortable, I’m fixin‘ to get up..” when you sit down to snuggle on the sofa is SO not in the Love Dare.

2. Replying, “No!! It was just on the new release wall..” when your hubby questions if you are preparing for a romantic evening based on your chick flick movie rentals is not in the Love Dare.

3. Your hubby asking, “Will you please move those so I can eat?” when you’ve propped your feet in his lap as he is sitting down to eat a bowl of chili for lunch is not in the Love Dare.
{Are y’all noticing a trend of me wallowin‘ all over Luke every time he gets the chance to rest?}

4. Sneaking to buy your hubs a pair of shoes that he would never buy for himself is definitely in the Love Dare.

5. Hubs buying your daughter a rose every Valentine’s Day is absolutely in the Love Dare.

6. Hubs playing baseball in the yard with the boys every day after school is in the Love Dare.

7. Hubs taking the day off from work to spend the day with you watching movies blows the cover off the Love Dare.

There were at least ten more to the list but dern if I can think of them right now. That’s okay though because that same hubs who somehow makes me love him more every day just came home and it’s time to give that man some undivided attention.

And yes, that’s in the Love Dare, too…

As a matter of curiosity, what are some things on your Do and Don’t list?

Hope y’all have a love-filled Valentine’s Day!