Free Books for Ministry Wives!

Well, it seems I have nothing to talk about lately but preacher’s wives!{And no, I do not have a problem with that.} I’m afraid a couple of posts I did over the weekend related to those married to ministers were buried so if you haven’t seen them, go here and here. I really need your input on one and I’m putting together a list of girls going to Beth Moore’s Living Proof for PW’s on the other.

Now, I have an exciting offer for you! Ever heard of the Lulu’s Cafe fiction book series written by Ginger Kolbaba and Christy Scannell? The first in the series was Desperate Pastor’s Wives and the second, A Matter of Wife and Death. The series are based on the adventures of four bff preacher wives. How fun is that?

Well, the THIRD book in the series just released this week and is called Katt’s in the Cradle. Here’s the awesome thing…The generous people at Simon Schuster/Howard Books are offering a free copy to ANY ministry/seminary wife provided you’d be willing to tell about the book on your blog once you’ve read it. Pretty good trade as far as I’m concerned. Are you interested?

Here’s how to claim your copy:

* Send me an email with your name and mailing address. Be sure to put “Katt’s in the Cradle Book Offer” in the subject line so it doesn’t get lost in my overflowing inbox. I will forward your requests to the publisher who will mail your books. Sound good?

* Remember, you must be a ministry wife/seminary wife with a blog to qualify. If your own pastor’s wife has a blog, please be sure to tell her about this offer! Then she can let you borrow the book when she’s done since you are the one who told her about it.

* After you’ve read the book, write a short post telling what you thought about it. That’s it!

I clicked through and read all the synopses and I can’t believe I’ve not bought these books before now. They truly look like fun reads and believe me, I need a break from Piper. I love him but, in the words of Missy, OH MY SKULL!

So get busy and get those emails in….I love being able to give you stuff!