Spectacular Sins Book Club – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 ladies! I am so glad to join you once again!

I open this week’s discussion questions with one that my five year old son, Shepherd, asked me recently. “When Satan became a bad guy angel and God kicked him outta heaven, did he lose his wings?”

Things that make you go hmmm.

Perhaps we should email Piper and ask him what he thinks?

Moving on...

1. On page 40 Piper tells us that the name Satan means “accuser.” Do you ever feel accused? I know I do. Sometimes I lie in bed at night and obsess over all the ways I have failed throughout the day, or I relive all the sins of my past. Turn in your bibles (or click here) to read Romans 8:1-2. What does this verse say? If this is true, from whom are all those accusations of failure? What then should we do when our thoughts go there? What is the difference between condemnation of our sin by the Evil One and conviction of our sin by the Holy Spirit?

2. How does God allowing Satan to live bring glory to Christ?

3. Read the ‘Eight Things to Do with Evil” and “Four Things to Never Do with Evil” lists on pages 50-51. Which of these do you have the most problem with?

4. Recall Piper’s introduction, specifically pages 13-16 when he speaks of persecution of the Church. Since December I have been praying for Martha Samuel Makkar. She is an Egyptian sister in Christ who converted from Islam, and has faced persecution ever since. In December, she was arrested at the airport when she tried to emigrate to Russia. Martha was placed in prison, tortured, raped, and her two and four year old sons were denied food in an attempt to cause her to renounce Christ. She was recently released on bail and is awaiting trial. You can read her story here and here (and please join me in praying!)

How might the truths Piper has conveyed in this chapter regarding evil – the “weighty doctrine” – bring comfort to Martha and her family while she undergoes persecution for Christ?

Can’t wait to hear what y’all have to say, sisters! I couldn’t comment to many of you last time because immediately afterward my family got slammed by the flu (which God allowed in order to glorify Christ!) But this time, I’m ready God willing, so bring ’em on. :)

Love, Missy

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