Living Proof Ministry Wives’ Conference

So I’ve gotten an email or seven about the Living Proof Ministry Wives’ Conference in March and whether or not I’m attending.

The short answer is no.

The long answer would include weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth but in the end, the answer would still be no. It’s a bittersweet no, however, because I will be with my beloved church girls in the Smoky Mountains having our annual retreat. That definitely takes the edge off the sadness I feel for not hanging with some of the greatest PW’s ever!

This conference is beginning to generate a lot of buzz and I know many of you are wondering who is going. In an effort to hook y’all up, I’m posting a Linky to sign if you are attending. (You don’t have to write a post, just link to your home page.) If you’ve not heard about this event, go HERE for more info.

Y’all have a great time…*sniff*sniff* Hug one another and The Siesta Mama for me! And please, take great notes…:)

P.S. I’ve just updated the M2M Blogroll with several listings. They are marked “New”. Please take some time to go visit these girls! Also, please see Saturday’s post for lots more Ministry Wife related stuff going on…