Spectacular Sins Book Study Chapter Five

Hello ladies!

I loved this week’s reading. Number one reason: it was not last week’s reading. Number two reason: I have just never thought so much about the Tower of Babel, have you? I mean, it is one little paragraph in my bible. I certainly didn’t consider it one of The Spectacular Sins. I won’t read that little paragraph in the same way ever again.

Okay, here goes. And I must give credit to my sweet husband for helping me write these because, well, it’s been a week.

1) What were the primary motivations of the people who endeavored to build the Tower of Babel?

2) Why did God consider is a sin to live in a city?

3) Of the five ways that Christ’s glory is magnified by the spectacular sin of the Tower of Babel (pp 69-72) which one resonates with you the most, and why?

4) Can you provide an example of the way that the Gospel of Christ takes root in literally thousands of different cultures, despite language barriers, social mores, existing religious practices, etc.? What does this say about the “uniqueness” of Christianity?

5) How are you also guilty of sin in the ways the Tower of Babel builders were? Where do you seek comfort apart from the Lord?

6) My husband often says that at the root of every sin is pride (and I have yet to be able to prove him wrong). Was this true in the case of these people? How can you confront and rebuke your own pride?

You gals have been rockin these questions. Rock on!!

Love, Missy