Apparently Blog Posts Do Not Write Themselves..

…which is unfortunate since all I seem to be able to do is stare at the blinking cursor. I’ve just about meme’d y’all into oblivion so I thought it might be time for some real live mediocrity.

And since we are the subject of un-excitement (spell check wants un-excitement to be encystment. I have no idea what that means but it doesn’t sound exciting either!), the kids are in Big Testing this week at school. Apparently when it’s time for the Big Testing parents are supposed to provide nutritious breakfasts as opposed to the breakfasts we normally feed our children. Cookie Crisps and a Coke don’t count? What?!

Being the Wanna Be Good Mom that I am, I actually prepared food this morning that exceeded room temperature. After all that work, I’m expecting 99th percentile. And if the awesome grub didn’t do the trick, the brother-to-brother mentoring ought to work. This morning Boy Three asked Boy Two what a preposition was – you know, in case in turned up on his test.

With a knowing smile, Boy Two said, “That is SO easy. It’s a word that is found between some other words in a sentence.”

The child is a prodigy. Webster and Roget would be so proud.

And speaking of dictionaries and the like, I’m reminded to tell you my book finally has an official name! Y’all. It was harder titling the thing than it was writing it. Married to the Ministry was always tentative but after going through the titling process (did y’all know there is a whole titling process?), the publishers and I have finally agreed on…


“You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes…And Other Great Advice from an Unlikely Preacher’s Wife.”

If you hate it, please keep it to yourself. I’ll be devastated. Okay, not really but it’d be great to hear your nice thoughts! I’m really, really getting pumped now because we can move on to cover design since the title is decided. I promise I will cry like stupid baby when I see this thing with a picture on front. I also assure you as soon as I have the design and I’m given liberty to share it, you’ll be the first to see! We may even make a little contest out of choosing a cover if I can get my awesome editor to arrange for a choice or three. I’m horrible at decision-making. Just ask anyone who has ever shopped or eaten with me more than once.

Alright, I know this is short but it’s time for the kids’ devo and early bedtime. I may just hit it a bit early myself.

I’ll need to be fully rested if I am to cook a warm, nutritious breakfast again in the morning.

This being-a-good-mom stuff is exhausting.