In Need of True Love Waits Advice

Hey Girls!

I’m terribly excited that beginning this Sunday, I’ll be working alongside a wonderful team of women teaching a True Love Waits class to our teen girls at church. I’ve read plenty of Scripture and several great books on the topic of purity but now I’m in need of some practical advice since I’ve not done this type of small group before.

Luke and I have talked to several other pastor/ministry friends who’ve started us in a great direction, but I would negligent if I didn’t ask all you girls because I KNOW there’s a gang of you out there who have done this thing many times over. I’m all about pursuing things with excellence so, NO, I’m not ashamed to be asking for help!

I guess what I’m looking for here is how to best approach the one-on-one aspect of reaching the girls. Did you do small breakout groups? (We have about 20 enrolled – mostly 7th – 10th grade) Did you find that the girls overshare? Did you find that LEADERS are tempted to overshare? Are there certain activities they enjoy more so than others? Discussion starters they are more likely to respond to? Give me the nitty gritty! I want to know what to be alert to so I can best prepare and also help the team of women who will be working together on this.

Okay, I’ve got to run out the door. A new baby cousin has arrived and I’ve got to go kiss his sweet face! I hope to have a ton of email from you when I get back! :)))