Leaving on a Jet Plane

So maybe it’s more like a crop duster than a jet but this morning, I’m flying out to Oklahoma to teach a retreat to a darlin’ bunch of girls from Grace Church of NW Arkansas. (They are on the border of Arkansas/Oklahoma hence all the state-hopping.)

I wanted to tell you more leading up but I’m just flat out of time so I’ll try to share some pics when I get back. I covet your prayers. First that the Lord would cleanse my heart and my prone-to-wander mouth. But mostly I pray for these girls. None of us ever goes on a journey such as this without expecting to hear a specific word from God. Satan has long tried to keep me focused on my own abilities (or lack thereof) guaranteeing a roller coaster of emotions on my part if I feel I didn’t say the right thing. (It normally comes in the form of calling myself all manner of idiot when I’m done.) BUT, God has done a hard-fought, transforming work to bring me to a place of full confidence in HIS ability to use stammering lips coupled with His Word to change hearts. So, if I ramble, may it be in scripture and not stupidity. And, Dear Jesus, above all may you be glorified and may we all be changed. (Hi Grace Girls! Aren’t you so glad you’ve asked me to come? :)

Okay, gotta run. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. I love you all, Homies and Non-Homies alike. :)