Play Together, Stay Together

It would take multiple posts to tell you how much fun we are having on vacation. There would be the Sleeping Post in which I detailed how many hours (not less than 10 per night) I have slept and the intensity with which I delighted in each one. There would be the Doing Nothing Post where you would learn of the various chairs I’ve sat in to, well, do nothing. There would be the Reading Post where I would list the books I brought along that did not have one single foot note in them. And then, there would be the Eating Post where I would show you this picture:

No doubt you have a huge question mark on your face.

We went to Chic-fil-A last night because we wanted a quick meal before we headed to the grocery store. That trip got waylaid because turns out, we were under tornado warnings. You can be assured of one thing – if a tornado is coming, I want to be home hunkering in the bathtub belted to my children (I’ll have to explain that another day) instead of blowing away with strangers and sandwich meat and Doritos. It’s just a personal preference, that’s all. If I can’t control the winds, I can at least control where I am and with whom I’m sharing them when they sweep us away.

So back to Chic-fil-A. My Boy Three is quite the instigator and at some point in our meal, he decided to taunt Luke by telling him he was too much of a sissy to cram his ice cream cone in his face.

Men, please tell me how even at 42 all it takes is for someone to question your manhood to make you lose control? And that someone doesn’t even have to be your own age. Any garden variety 9-year-old seems to do.

So Luke, being the mature minister that he is, obliged by cramming the cone right in that boy’s face. And I just happened to have the camera because I saw it coming when the boy said, “Come on, big guy. Why don’t you just bring it?”

So he brung it. It was a fine display.

So for all of you who expect that your pastor’s family represents you well when out in public? Well, then this never happened. Step back from the screen and wipe the horror from your memory.

We’ll try to behave when we get home.