What Haven’t I Been Reading Lately?

A few weeks back, I was given the opportunity to offer ministry wives a copy of the new book, Katt’s in the Cradlewhich is a part of the Desperate Pastors’ Wives series. The publisher graciously sent me a copy of the entire series so I could start at the beginning. I was SO glad to have a few books to read while on vacation since I was determined not to take a single commentary/Piper/CS Lewis book with me. Y’all know I adore my smart guys but I really needed to take a physical and mental vacation.

The DPW series was very reminiscent of the Desperate Housewives show – and I’m assuming this from the commercials since I’m not a fan. And I say reminiscent in the way of the relationships and plot twists of the characters without all the ess eee ex. I read all three while gone and let me just tell you, between the four PW characters in the book, they have every cliche’ and issue to our kind covered. No doubt you’ll be able to identify with one of the girls, or if you are like me, parts of all of them. I really enoyed them so much! If they sound like something you would like to read, you can order the books individually or in a cheaper bundle using the link above.

Next I’m on to Jill Savage’s, Real Moms, Real Jesus. Already reading Vicki Courtney’s Five Conversations. Just finished Hayley DiMarco’s Technical Virginand have started Rebecca St. James, Wait for Me.(Reading those as background to our True Love Waits class.) I’ve ordered my wonderful friend Joanne Heim’s Misplacing Godand can’t wait to get started on it as well. I want to be Joanne when I grow up. Every one of these books is either fabulous or I’ve glanced through them enough to know they are going to be.

I’ve also just been sent a copy of the Love Dare Couples’ Bible Study. I can’t wait to dig in that thing to see what is and isn’t in there. I also must add that hopefully really soon I’ll have the coolest thing to share with you about this study. It may or may not involve the Kendrick Brothers themselves. (Don’t you love all the vaguery?)

So tell me girls, what are your current must reads?