And the Projects Keep Mounting…

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to tackle cleaning out the closet. Tackle it I did and after two full garbage bags of throwaways, I can finally see the floor. However, I am still missing one tennis shoe and favorite flip flop that I’m hoping are under my bed. Under the bed just happens to be my next project.


Being a ministry family, we’ve moved a lot. As in we’ve lived in 9 houses in the past 11 years. Obviously there are lots of negatives to that type of gypsy/semi-nomadic existence. However, the one good thing is that instead of spring cleaning we just packed up everything and moved pretty well guaranteeing my closets and cabinets stayed acceptably presentable.

In June, we will have been at our current pastorate for four years. I think we have already beaten the record for the length of time ever lived in one home. That makes me 37 kinds of happy but the negative is there is not one organized, decluttered thing in my house – except for my closet. We’ve accumulated and it’s major time for a purge.

With that said, I may be a little scarce. As if I haven’t been anyway. But, I will try to document some of my project completions for your grins and my own sense of acccomplishment. Am I the only one who will stand and stare at a freshly painted room or organized space just because I’m so proud I finally got it done?

Yeah, it doesn’t take much to thrill me anymore.

Okay, it’s time to crawl under the bed.

Here’s hoping nothing gets me.