Have I Mentioned Lately…

…that I love Jesus and can hardly get over that He didn’t just save me, but gave me a ministry that keeps on saving me? If He didn’t give me opportunity for working out my salvation, I would be a shriveled up wreck. Of course, I still am at times, but not one without hope or a confirmed direction when I need to get back on track. I’m horrified of less-traveled roads, but I’ve not walked one yet that didn’t thrill me. Who ever dreamed God could be so much fun with a side order of roller coaster terror? I can’t tell you the number of times lately I’ve screamed through a grin at the things He’s allowed me. Is there someone out there today that needs to know that God isn’t just flat out mad? That He laughs and will get one out of you eventually even if He has to scare you to death to get one?

I need to quit now before I have me a spell.

Before I got sidetracked, I meant to tell you how much fun I had this past Saturday. I had the joy of speaking at a women’s tea for New Liberty Baptist in Ringgold, GA. They did one of those fabulous luncheons where a woman hosts and decorates each table differently. Seriously. I don’t know how many different ways there can be to theme a table scape but it appears you wonderfully creative girls out there have no where near exhausted all the possibilities because every one was completely unique to any I have seen before. I could just kick myself for not having a camera.

Wanda, my precious new friend and contact for this event had the greatest idea. Her theme was, “Through the storms of life, with God, you can dance in the rain..” She had a darlin‘ rubber rain boot as her centerpiece with a spring arrangement and get this – the fabric from a hot pink disassembled umbrella as the foundation. Who would have ever thought of that? Certainly not this girl! I just couldn’t take my eyes off all the details.

I also can not overlook how cool God is in making connections. It turns out that the girl who was asked to introduce me is my second cousin! What?! I had no idea she went to church there and she had no idea it was me coming to speak until a couple days prior. Is that not a hoot? I loved seeing you, Jenny, and your beautiful, grown-up Kelly! I hope we see one another again outside of a funeral or reunion. :)

I can not even begin to communicate how much I enjoy these frou frou get-togethers. It still amazes me that a guy’s idea of a good time is offing Bambi, gutting her, and dragging her lifeless corpse to a grill to enjoy with his buddies. No, thank you. Chicken Salad and Quiche will serve us girls just fine. And I have to give a shout out to the men who served us. Y’all, they had on matching white aprons WITH THEIR NAMES EMBROIDERED ON THE BIB. I’ve never seen such awesomeness in my life. You guys have set the new high bar for every other group of church men out there. I need a picture of you to blow up as poster boys of servanthood. You were spectacular and I know we all appreciated your loving on us so extravagantly.

New Liberty: THANK YOU. It is humbling to me to know the amount of prayer that you put in to bringing in a teacher and that in some miraculous way, God gave you my name and you extended this invitation. I loved every minute with you and I pray God’s Word will be an abiding one to every single lady there. You can believe me when I say He road tested that message in every figurative and literal way. May it change us all.

Okay, so now I’m off to clean out my closet. I would show you a before and after, but you would judge me. Oh, you say you wouldn’t, but trust me. It’s just that bad. There are not two of my shoes within a foot of one another in the bottom of that thing and I’m certain I’ll find several Christmas presents hidden in the top that never made it to their intended recipient. Oh well. Maybe I’ll have a head start on this year.

Y’all have a wonderful Monday!