It’s Friday Night and if I’m Lucky There Will Be No Sewing Involved

Hey Girls!

I only have a pair of minutes to be on here today.  I’m putting the finishing touches to a message for a Women’s Appreciation Day in Smyrna, GA.  I am SO excited that I’ll get to see a couple of Siestas, Sheryl and Sherry. (I think you are coming, aren’t you Sherry?)  Can’t wait to hug their sweet necks and be with them on their home turf in suburban ATL!  The Lord has goaded me with a word from Ezra.  And yes, I used the word ‘goad’ intentionally.  However, I’ll reserve the explanation for a later date so I won’t be giving out spoilers.  Let me just say this:  The only difference between a thorn in the flesh and a goad is on how we choose to process it.  Either way, let’s pray for sufficient grace to receive even the ill-intentioned prods as well as the ones administered in love with humility and allow them to do their perfecting work.  

And that’s just a side note..not a spoiler at all.   

I also have to sadly report that Ezra/Hobie/Bartholomeow has gone missing.  All I know is that he was here last night and this morning was not.  I’m a little surprised at how depressed it makes me.  Something about nursing that baby back to health attached me to the little rascal.  I’m hoping he’ll return but it’s looking highly unlikely.  *Sigh*

I hope you have a fabulous weekend plans!  Football is in the air around here.  Quite literally as in my boy just walked by me in his practice clothes and I could gag.  I suppose that’s the signal for me to get myself to the laundry room.  He’s also about to drive me out of my everloving skull by stressing over the length of his new game jersey.  Apparently, it’s uncool to look like you are wearing a dress with leggings on the football field.  If the Braves can wear full length pants instead of proper baseball capris then I see no problem with the long shirt/legging ensemble.  However, he isn’t seeing it my way.  The current request is that I get out my sewing machine and hem the jersey.  Yeah, like that’s going to work out for him.  He obviously hasn’t heard about my high school home-ec final exam where I made a dress with the arm sewed on inside out and upside down.  I’m thinkin’ he’d be better off looking like he’s wearing a mini-dress than be stuck in a perpetual wave.  Maybe he’ll block a Hail Mary or a touch back or an offsides kick.  

I have no idea what I just said.   Sheryl is freaking out about right now.  (I promise, I’ve got coherent notes.  Lots of them.)

Happy Friday and Peace Out,