Pause. Pray.

UPDATE:  Praise Him!  It’s not MS!!  I don’t know what his health problem is – if anything – but I know I’m rejoicing over the emails I’ve received that say it isn’t what they were told to expect.   What I do know is that if Melissa Lea doesn’t call me back PRONTO with some info I’m driving to her house!!  xoxox0
Today I humbly ask that you all pray for Nick Lea. He, his precious wife Melissa, and doll baby son Andrew are dear friends and church members. They have also served our Awana program faithfully and have loved my Boy Three above and beyond.  I know their patience with him in guiding him through his assignments are one of the keys that brought him to salvation last year.  So if they weren’t special to me already, they certainly are for that reason.
Nick is only in his late twenties and is facing a diagnosis of MS. He will be going to the doctor Thursday for a full report and treatment options. Ask the Lord to give healing if He so desires and courage to face the uncertainty of this condition if the Lord chooses to be glorified through this illness.
A very special woman in our church proposed that we fast something on Nick and Melissa’s behalf.  To honor this request and to create a longing to be answered only by prayer, I’m laying aside my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper and will not blog or Facebook Thursday.  Monumental stuff, people, but Nick and Melissa deserve much more than that.
If you feel so compelled, would you leave a word of encouragement for them?  I know they are living on the prayers of God’s people right now and I would love to be able to present them with a few more. 
Thank you all so very much!!