Game On

Montgomery 2009 Cheryl 347

This has been the summer of The Volleyball. Or Ball-y Ball as Luke is prone to say. The mania started while we were in Montgomery on our mission trip. The church who hosted us had a net inside so during our breaks some of the more energetic among us would get up a game. I didn’t join them because, hello, we’d just come in from convection oven temps and mamaw needed her Diet Dr. Pepper, ham sandwich, and a few minutes to kick off the flip flops. It was so fun watching those little whipper snappers that I was all in when we got back home and they set up a net behind the church.

Now, when I say I was all in, I’ve got to mention that I was a little nervous about playing. The guys take their game seriously which I still haven’t figured out because none of us are any good. Yeah, homeboys, I said it. I really figured they wouldn’t let me play at all or at best, pick me last which would have triggered insecurities I work very hard to keep beneath the surface. Thankfully there are usually a few shorties playing with us so worst case scenario I’m typically better than the 4-year-olds.

Speaking of taking it seriously, I’ve got to show you the uniforms. We had a Throw Down scheduled for last Sunday night after church so some of the guys made themselves warrior gear to prepare.

This is Casey, The Prince of Produce. His dad, The King, has the veggie stand in town:

Vacation Duplicates 026

JS, The He-Man with Infinity as his number. What was I thinking when I suggested it was a sideways 8?:

Vacation Duplicates 021

JWatkeeeenz: And no his shirt is not bedazzled, it’s studded.  Big, huge, enormous difference.  Just ask him.

Vacation Duplicates 022

AW: The One Man Wolf Pack. He has a scary serve.

Vacation Duplicates 025

I didn’t get pics of everyone. My own son for one. Great move, mom. His street name is Rev Jr. He’s enjoying this Volleyball alias thing way too much. I’m really hoping he doesn’t go all UFC on me though an evangelist with a kung fu kick may be an interesting soul-winning combination.

There’s also Buzz.  He will sting you. In his dreams.  And he cries a lot.

I currently do not have a uniform save for a Jesus Girl shirt that I bought at an Angela Thomas/Priscilla Shirer thing in Nashville a few years back. With a little bedazzling studding, I think it will work just fine. I’ll be calling JW so he can hook me up with some metal.

And who ever thought a cleverly scheduled game could be such an outreach tool? There are more people showing up on Sunday and Wednesday nights than ever before because to play, you gotta pray. It’s a sick form of Baptist indulgence but we take it how we can get it. We’re unashamed.

I’m proud to report that my team – the one of misfits, under-aged, over-aged, and infirmed – is currently leading the series. It’s an underdog story worthy of the Hallmark channel. Since I’m sure you are totally invested in how this unfolds, I’ll be sure and keep you posted until the movie comes out.

I just have to ask.  Do y’all have this much fun with your church peeps?  Mine make me so happy…

Game Point,