Remember Randall

My prayer life can border on the morose at times. For instance, I thank God every evening when we lay our head on our pillows when I realize He’s allowed our family to avoid devastation that day. Luke and I have walked through enough tragedies with those we love – and experienced a few ourselves – to understand that life often turns on a dime. With a phone call, a doctor’s visit, a confession –  an otherwise boring day can suddenly become the one when our world slips from its axis.

Girls, the ground is shaking beneath our friends, The Blacks.  Randall, wife Jenny, and three girls Alicia, Allison, and Lindsey – are beloved members of our community and one of the most fun families ever.  Alicia is a high school senior. Allison is in 8th grade with my oldest son. Lindsey is one of my daughter’s besties. I can barely stand to type it, but Randall – age 39 – has just been diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. It is a very rare, fatal, brain disorder with no known cause or cure. It only strikes 1 in 1 million people in the U.S. each year.

Needless to say, this family as well as the ones who love them are rocked to the core. But I praise God that though the earth be shaken, their foundation is firmly in Christ. Jenny told me that “their family is holding to their faith and that Randall is happy and not worried. Not at all. He believes He will be healed and if he is not, he is not afraid to die.”

Friends, this disease is fatal. I’m not talking fatal in a few years but within months of onset. He has been ill since May. As Jenny said to me, it is crunch time. I am reminded of Hezekiah when he became ill and the Lord told him he would not recover.  Hezekiah wept bitterly and prayed to the Lord for deliverance and for the sake of His Name, God extended his life.

 The Lord has promised in His Word that we can approach his throne boldly.  So it is in this assurance I now approach the Most High God with my request.  Please dear God, for the sake of your Great Name, I beg of you – heal Randall.   It’s never been done before.  So many are watching fully aware that people from everywhere in the area are petitioning the throne on Randall’s behalf.  Dearest Lord, because I believe you are a God of wonders, won’t you exhibit your fame once more in a fabulous display of regenerative, restorative, not- even-a-sign-he-was-ever-sick healing?  God, I know you can.  Do this, God.  One more time, will you do this?  Will you set the sun back for this family and lengthen the days they can enjoy one another and praise your mercy and lovingkindness?  I’m pleading with you Lord, Our Healer, blow us away.

I know there are so many things you are asked to pray for daily but I am pleading with you to storm the throne on this one.  Ask the Lord to heal this man.  Ask Him to uphold Jenny and the girls with His strong, capable right hand.  Ask Him for a display of His Splendor on this mountain that will make the cover of medical journals world-wide. 

I will be forever and ever grateful if you would be so kind as to write your prayer for this family in the comments.  {Edited to Add:  If it isn’t a privacy issue with you, would you please also note which state or country you represent? THANKS!}  Jenny gave me permission to ask for you to intercede on their behalf and I know that now the prayers of God’s people are all that sustain her family.  I know she will be so grateful to know this news has escaped our community and that people all over this nation – and I’m going to go big here and say WORLD – will be uttering her husband’s name to the Creator of it.   I’m thanking you in advance for being a people of good works who will stand shoulder to shoulder with suffering brothers and sisters in Christ.

To give you a visual, this is Randall riding my daughter on Lindsay’s horse in early June.  He was only just beginning to feel poorly here.  This was at another dear friend, Alayna’s, birthday party. He led the kids on horseback in the blazing sun for hours because that’s just the kind of guy he is.   

June VBS and Horses 014

This is The Girl’s birthday sleepover from early September. Lindsey is second from the right. I can’t even wrap my mind around how my daughter would accept losing her daddy. Lindsey doesn’t understand all that is going on so please pray for all the girls – but maybe say an extra for this precious one.


Much love to you all,