Remember Randall – Again! {Update}

I talked with Jenny today and she asked me to relay another important piece of information to all you wonderful prayer warriors out there.  First she sends her gratitude specifically to you.  She is overwhelmed – as was I – at your powerful, blow-the-doors-off-Heaven prayers you offered on behalf of her family.  When we realize that God calls His people to be in conversation with Him so that we can be mindful of how He is going to act in this situation, it both humbles us and makes us feel huge all at the same time.  Jenny shared many different ways the Lord has provided in the past few days.  My response through blubbering (don’t you hate when you cry on the person who has the right to?) was, “Girl, HE is all up in your details!!!”  PRAISE HIM! PRAISE HIM! PRAISE HIM!

So, back to the new request.  If you read any of the pamphlets on CJD, you may have picked up on the fact that the only way to absolutely confirm this diagnosis is through brain testing.  That has not been done yet though doctors feel fairly confident in their conclusion.  However, Randall’s doctor encouraged a visit to Mayo Clinic to confirm the diagnosis from the most brilliant minds in the medical field.  (Where’s House when we need him?) 

Jenny’s concern is the same all of us would have.  What if the Randall goes to be with the Lord, this test is done after the fact (as is required by law) and they find out that the diagnosis was incorrect?  So, Jenny told the doc to call Mayo basically determining in her mind that if they would see them quickly versus however long it normally takes to get in, then they would brave the difficult trip.   He called. 


They will be traveling to Minnesota for the testing (through a travel provision that is beyond generous and accommodating to his condition, another PRAISE!) and soon after will take their daughters to Disney World – a trip someone lovingly gifted them.  I could squall again just thinking about the goodness of God’s people. 

So here’s what we are praying – if he isn’t spontaneously healed before then which is still altogether possible:

1.  That someone with the mind of House and the heart of Jesus will be there and declare “NO, you DO NOT have CJD and your condition is not as hopeless as you’ve been made to believe.  It is not only treatable but curable!” 

2.  Randall’s illness, if not healed, will regress like the sun on Hezekiah’s stairs so he can be strong enough to enjoy this wonderful trip with his treasured girls.   He is in a wheelchair now and is wearing eyeglasses for his failing vision.  Lord, give him the endurance you gave Elijah to run in front of Ahab’s chariot to Jezreel and the eyes of Moses overlooking the Promised Land to fully take in the vision  before him.  

Y’all keep praying, sweet friends.  And while we are asking, ask BIG.     

Much love,