A few months back, I was mildly amused at a television program documenting food that seemed to look like Jesus and/or his mother Mary.  When I learned (if it wasn’t a lie) that a grilled cheese sandwich with a likeness of Mary sold for $28,000  on Ebay, my amusement level raised to Moderate.  Personally, I thought the woman on the sandwich looked more like a young Jane Russell, but either way, let’s just say nobody at our house eats a grilled cheese without it being inspected for some holy imagery first. 

Seeing as how our school children are now singing praise ballads to our Commander-in-Chief, I wonder how long it will be until items with his image are considered pareidolia?  Oh. yes. I. did. just fling that big word at you.  It supposedly means, “the perception that an obscure image is significant.”  In the case of religious pareidolia, one would see Jesus or Mary or the Pope in a burrito or tree bark or some other random thing.  Or, if the current president-worship trend continues, Obama in a rock.

Just hang with me a sec.  This is going somewhere. 

My Boy Two ran home from school today yelling, “Mom! I found a rock that looks like Obama! Do you think we can sell it on Ebay?”  Two is a little dramatic so I didn’t expect to see Barack in the rock but oh. Oh.  It’s totally there.  See what you think:



So what do y’all think?  I’m pretty confident it looks as much like Obama as this toast looks like the Virgin Mary:


So now, to list BaRock or not to list BaRock…that is the question.