I’m Commandeering the Ruby Slippers

Halloween.  It’s supposed to be the day when all four of my children go beg for candy so mama can have plenty of Milk Duds to last for the next few weeks.  (No worries, I bought a couple of bags on the 50% rack at Walmart today.) Instead, my boys worked some of the carnival booths at our church’s Trunk or Treat.  The Girl was the only one to dress up this year and I’m not afraid to say it made me a little sad until I realized how much cash I saved by not having to put together four outfits.  

What my friend Jen and I didn’t know is that our girls (within a week of being the exact same age) planned and then manipulated us into making certain they both dressed as Dorothy. 


You’ll also be happy to know that after 16 years of ministry and 4 children Luke and I are finally legit as proven by the window paint on my Suburban. 


Jenny Chaplin ‘fessed up to the prank. Are you surprised?

Here are a few more of the adorable outfits…


Taegan and Maddy


Jenny Chaplin’s twins, Kirsten, and Jasmine


Boy Three. Typical PK.


I wasn’t responsible for the Gene Simmons face. These dudes – The Jakes – did it. Clearly, I would have chosen Ace Frehley.


 Lindsay – Randall and Jenny’s sweet baby girl.  (Y’all keep praying, please.)


Backing up to Friday night before Halloween,  a group of us took our kids to the Haunted Library hosted by the high school Band Boosters.  As the name suggests, the spook house was located in the building that used to be the….wait for it…. library

I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first.  The only scary thing about a library are the fines I typically owe for keeping my books way too long. It turns out, the Boosters and Band Kids absolutely outdid themselves.  There were 11 different rooms in the creepy basement of the building.  For anyone who knows me, you know I startle easily and am likely to scream with very little provocation.  I wasn’t keen on being chased by a bloody werewolf with a chainsaw until The Girl informed me she wanted to ‘see if she could be brave enough to make it through.’  I figured if my 7 year old could do it, so could I. 

We made our way behind our guide and when I sensed one of the spooks was getting ready to pounce into my personal space, I stroked The Girl’s head and loudly announced something to the effect of ‘Don’t worry, honey.  These spooks won’t try to scare you, will you spooks?”   So, yeah.  I totally used the child as a human shield.  I was really okay until we got to one room where the monsters apparently knew me.  Something about hearing, “Liiiisssaaa, Liiisssaaaa, we are going to get you Liisssaaaaaa” made me want my mother.  Who no doubt would have thrown me to the zombies the same way I did my own kid.  My intense instinct for self-preservation is definitely inherited.

What I loved most was the fact that we had some bona fide southern ghosts.  One of them kept saying, “We’ re gonna  kiiiilllll Y”ALLLLLLL”.  Classic.  I loved it so much I almost hugged the guy.  Except I think he had an eyeball hanging out of his head, so ewww, not so much.   The last stop was a girl in a coffin.  She was lying there very peacefully with her dracula fangs until I saw her peek and then whisper, “Hi Mrs. Lisa!!!”  She was one of my precious, darlin’ Bible Release students.  I don’t think we covered posing as the undead in class.  She aced it though.

After a ridiculously long but fun weekend, I am not afraid to say I am glad the festivities have come to a close.  Click those heels, Girl.  There truly is no place like home.