Remember Randall {Oct. 24 Update}

I want to thank all of you again for your powerful prayers and the emails I’ve received from those of you who continue to intercede on Randall and Jenni Black’s behalf.   Jenni and I talked on the phone for over an hour Thursday night so I’d love to share some of the things she told me.

I told you all that the entire family went to Mayo Clinic and then immediately afterward went to Disney World. They had a fantastic time together and – I did not know this even existed – Alicia got to participate in the American Idol experience. And by participate, I don’t mean the girl just auditioned but WON all of the mini competitions and placed 3rd in the overall. Alicia is a high school senior and has the voice of an angel. You have no idea how it thrilled me to hear that the Lord ministered to her darlin’ self within the gift that she cherishes. Perfect. Our God is perfect.

While in Florida, Randall, Jenni and family attended church where they had heard about their plight. A prayer service was called of the likes that don’t happen often. Jenni best explained it as “that kind of prayer that just wears you out.” The amazing thing is, for a period of time Randall’s speech improved and he was able to move around with less assistance. It was definitely a rally and I have to tell you, my expectant heart just begged the Lord for this to be the beginning of an awe-inspiring reversal for him. However, at this point it does not appear to be so as his health has begun to decline yet again.

I believe it is common that the people whom we consider courageous are the last ones to think such of themselves. Jenni will greatly protest for my proclaiming her brave most likely because she knows the sorrow and fear that threaten to overtake her heart in those quiet moments when it’s just her and the Lord.  She sits in awe of Randall because he has not complained once about his affliction.  She may be amazed at him, but my friend amazed me when she said, “Lisa, I’ve not yet asked the Lord why. I’m just asking Him how. How am I going to do this (live life and raise her children) without Randall?”

And I wish I had an answer that would fix everything.  All I do know – because I’ve seen it and felt it countless times – is that a measure of grace is available to us in times of devastation that we could not handle during the normal course of things.   Don’t let the tone of this note suggest that I’m giving up on praying for the miraculous but I don’t want my prayers to be imbalanced.  This family needs all the scenarios covered.  

So – will you join me once again in praying steel into the spine of Jenni and the girls so they will have the strength to face whatever comes?   We have no idea what the power of prayer can accomplish.  Jenni told me that there are days when she has almost felt guilty for the ability to keep it together as well as she has.  But she doesn’t take for granted that grace is coming from outside herself in the form of the intercession from people all over this country and world who have joined with them in their suffering.  THAT is the Body, my friends. 

Again, I thank you for praying.  I thank you for caring.   Forgive me if I seem to presumptuous, but if you will continue to remember Randall, will you sign in once again with your name and location?  The tangibility of this roll call has meant the world to this family.  I’d love to encourage them mightily once again.

With much much love,