Much Needed Respite

Each October we are flat out blessed with the opportunity to spend a few days in Panama City Beach sans kiddos with our besties, Chuck and Deb. Deb’s mom has a fabulous condo where we crash land for a much needed yearly respite. I already feel a little of the Mommy Guilt just typing ‘sans kiddos’ but I think I adequately established my position on the importance of Adult Time here and here

I had all kinds of grand plans for getting some early morning writing done while staring at the ocean but the only thing I’ve done before 9 am at this point is snuggle deeper into my pillow.  And instead of feeling badly about that I’m going to accept it as a sign that I needed the rest to go back refreshed and ready to work next week.

In other updates, there’s no use hiding what a flake I am.  I’ve talked a little about venturing more into formal ministry.  That indeed is happening as far as my work ethic is concerned but when I tested the waters on naming and officially forming an entity outside myself, I found them lukewarm and murky.  If there is one thing I’ve learned of the Lord and His ways toward me, it’s that when the time is right it will be overwhelmingly right.  I don’t think I’ll have to wrestle in the details so for now, I’ve determined to just keep doing the thing side by side with the Lord instead of running along an unsure path.

With that said, I’m so excited to tell you that a new site design is in the works by my friend Karen at Simply Amusing Designs.  I’m a designer’s worst nightmare because I have no idea what I want.  She has begun creating premades that she will customize for a fraction of the cost of a full blown makeover.  I fell head over heels for her very first theme and I can not wait to get it up and running here.  It will incorporate all I need into one site for now instead of trying to maintain a separate ministry and blog page.  I can not wait for it to go live!   Here is a teaser.   Do you love it??!!  

Okay, it’s time to eat again so I’m jumping off here.  Hope you are having a fabulous week!