Remember Randall ~ November 22 Update


It is with great heartbreak that I tell you Randall passed away Monday, November 23. But please DO NOT let that stop your prayers. Jenni, Alicia, Allison, and Lindsey need them now more than ever. Thank you SO much to those of you who have been faithful in remembering this sweet family.


the blacks pic

Most of you have followed the prayer requests I have posted for our friends Randall and Jenni Black and their girls. I wanted to give a brief update and ask that you continue to hold this family close to your heart.

Randall’s condition has deteriorated rapidly since Friday. He is in bed, has stopped eating, his breathing is labored, and he is running a temperature. I can’t even express how heavy my heart is and how helpless we all feel to do anything that will ease their pain. All I know to do is continue to ask the God of all Comfort to be tangible to them. For that measure of grace that is reserved for times like these to be unleased one thousand times upon them. For them to know how very much they are loved and how this unimaginable situation has brought the Father much glory through their faith.

Many of you are local and know Randall and Jenni well.  Still more of you have never met and yet you care enough to lift their names from all over the United States as well as locations on the other side of the world. Please don’t stop now. I’m not altogether certain how the answers to prayers of saints are dispatched upon those for whom we pray, but I’m working from the concept of the more the better.

If you will, please continue calling out their names to God over the next few days…