Blinded by the Light – Or Not

I’ve talked a bit about my Christmas tree and the fact I’ve ended up with 1600 lights on it. That may not seem like many to some of you overzealous sparkly people (there are many of you!) but this is my first year as a Griswold. The limbs were already heavy laden with 1400 bulbs when realized I needed a couple more boxes so I ran to the local dollar store and grabbed what I needed to finish. I’ve worked on the crazy thing for three days so imagine my excitement last night when the last strands were installed. It truly was beautiful.

I said was.

This morning I sat beside the glow of the tree to pray through my devotions. During my second hour of prayer (what, you thought it’d be more?),  I heard a small ‘pop’ and shrieked in terror as I realized 1400 of the lights had gone out. The two sets of lights I had bought at the dollar store were the only ones shining. It’s a good thing my Bible was close by because I needed some fresh salvation.

I disconnected the bottom strands and plugged in the 1400 and thank the Lord in heaven above, they came back on. But now, I’ve got to get MORE lights (not from the dollar store) so that I can refinish what I thought I had finished. Geesh. It may be February before we get decorated around here.

But all that is going to have to wait because tomorrow I am thrilled to be going to speak at a Christmas Extravaganza for some new girlfriends a couple hours from me in Alabama. I covet a prayer or seven. I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.

And very importantly, THANK YOU to those of you who are playing along in How We Christmas! I’m loving your posts. It’s one thing to see decorations – I do love decorations. But I am LOVING reading about your traditions. It’s amazing how the smallest things create the biggest memories. It’s amazing how many of those memories are centered around food. It’s amazing that my kids will have anything to remember at all seeing as how the food legacy skipped me.

Remember, the Tradition Edition will be up until next Wednesday. I hope you won’t feel it is too late to join in! I threw this out there very impulsively – imagine that – and realize I didn’t give you girls much time to get a post written. If you link up, you will be eligible for the giveaway from Jeanne Winters. Have I mentioned she is fabulous!? Next Thursday will be the Decoration Edition so be ready! (Shhhh…there will be another great giveaway involved.)

I’m hitting the bed now since I can’t take sitting by my dark tree one more minute. (I’m afraid to turn it on.) Seriously, y’all. My heart can’t take it if those lights are fried. If you would, just lay your hands on your screen right now and pray some restored connectivity over them.

(Whatever that means?)

((Have a great weekend.))