Guilty of Negligence

It appears I have been on a little unintentional blog break.  Life exploded suddenly and I haven’t been able to put together many coherent thoughts.  Forgive my negligence because I know my not posting has been a major hindrance to your Christmas spirit.  Here’s just a couple of the things going on around here:

1.  Friday Night I went to Ranburne, AL and had a fabulous time with the women there.  I love, love, love Christmas banquets where the girls decorate their own tables.  They were a-ma-zing.  The Lord impressed upon me to speak on the character of Immanuel, God with Us.  If there is one implication about His coming that I never want to become common, it is that one of His being ever present in all our details.  Huge stuff.  My new favorite word as of late is condescend.  Remind me and I’ll give you a few notes when I do a proper recap.  I’m waiting on some photos to show you since my camera was at home with a memory card full of Number Two filming himself doing skateboarding tricks.  Guess who’s getting a knock off Flipfor Christmas so he will leave my gagdets alone?

2.  The Lighting Fiasco of 2009 – I told y’all that lights 1400-1600 blew out the rest of my tree.  Well, those were saved but when I removed the bad ones, it seemed there were really 400 blown.  I took them off, replaced them with fresh ones, and’.goodness.  It happened again.

Fresh salvation.  I needed fresh salvation. 

 So, I decided to read the box.  Seems the max. number of strands that can be attached is 5.  As in 500 lights.  Not 1700 that I ended up with.  Now that I’ve figured out my issue, I bought an extension cord that has multiple outlets so I don’t have to restring.  I think we are good to go.  Just praying we aren’t able to roast chestnuts over it.

3.  Tree trimmings:  We have clippings in various and sundry places throughout the home.  Before it’s over, I’ll have them hanging on the commodes just to prove to Luke I am not going to let them rot.  I know he taunted me on purpose because that is the only way to get me to perform.  Because I am 12.

4.  Blog Partying:  I’m about half way finished visiting all of you who have posted about your Christmas traditions.  Y’all are just a barrel of fun.  I’m going today to buy my kids their Christmas pj’s.  Who knew that was such a hit?  There is still time to link your own post and be entered for the great giveaway from Jeanne Winters! (Have I mentioned I love her?)

DON’T FORGET:  This Thursday is the  THIS IS HOW WE CHRISTMAS:  DECORATION EDITION.  Be prepared to tell us all about your tree, your house lighting, that special ornament or nativity, etc. etc.   If you’ve not finished decorating (raises hand shamefully) feel free to use pics from previous years.  We have a great giveaway for this edition as well.  (Hint:  It’s awesome jewelry.)

There’s so much more to tell but I must go shopping.   I need bedroom curtains and a bucket of paint.  Yes, I’ve decided to paint my bedroom in the middle of Christmas but don’t tell Luke.  He’ll freak out and I fully intend on having it done in one day while he’s gone. I”ll let you know how that works out for me.

Praying you are enjoying your Jesus, your family, and the fullness of the season!