This is How We Christmas: Decoration Edition


Welcome to This is How We Christmas: Decoration Edition!  If this is your first visit, you should know this little blog party is happening on Thursdays this December. So far we’ve had the Tradition Edition and we’ll close out with Christ in our Home and Church next week.

The first order of business is awarding the door prize for last week’s participants. The winner will receive her choice of either Jeanne Winters’ book Inspirational Home or one of the art prints from her Etsy shop. The winner (according to is…..

#8   Julie’s Journal

Congrats, Julie!  All that trash-talkin’ you did during the Scavenger Hunt netted you a prize at last.. hahaha!  (Love you, my friend!  I’m sending your info to Jeanne!)

Thanks so much to all of you who played along last week.  Don’t forget to link up today for another great prize I’ll announce at the end of this post!

Before we do that,  I have a confession to make.

I’m not done yet.

With the decorating that is.

Even with all the faux internet obligation I created for myself, I just haven’t been able to get all the chestnuts roasted and the halls decked and the bells jingled in time to show you some proper decoration photos. BUT, God love my heart, I do have a good beginning and it is there where I will start (in no particular order):

1. The Blingy Reindeer:

I’m crazy for these and typically put them on the side table in my dining room.  We don’t have a great many horizontal spaces in our house so I try to be certain I love the few things I am able to sit out.  And these reindeer?  I love.  They are particularly gorgeous in the dark with the lights shinging through their sparkly bodies.  It just occurred to me:  Could they be vampires? 

I must also point out they have greenery under their feet.  Greenery from the tree clippings Luke swore I wouldn’t use. 

I Win. 


2. The Scottish Santa:

Luke’s mom gave us either because she wanted to commemorate the McKay Scottish Heritage or she found a great sale.  It was probably a bit of both.  His home is in front of the antique church scoreboard. I don’t have anything witty to say about that. (Do you love how many of us are ‘on time’ each Sunday?)


3. The Girl Tree:

My sweet girl has been begging for a personal tree for years so Luke and I finally broke down and bought her a purple one. It went against all the HGTV that was in me because her room is yellow, brown and green. They were out of white trees and I knew she’d want purple rather than green so I caved. She was absolutely precious decorating it herself.  We lack a tree skirt and a few more ornaments but she is already thrilled out of her mind with it as is. Now the boys want one. Just what we need is five Christmas trees when I can scarce decorate one.


4. My favorite ornaments:

These nativity ornaments are the pride and joy of my tree save for the fact that baby Jesus has a broken arm.  It occurred to me a couple of years ago that I had been more intentional about decorating with snowmen than Christ and that bothered me. Since then, I’ve made a point of having the nativity prominently displayed.


5. The Nativity:

This lives on the top of our entertainment center in hopes of avoiding another broken Jesus arm.

(And yes, there is more live greenery hand-snipped and lovingly placed by yours truly.)


6. The Tree:

The Tree is not quite finished but it’s getting there even though I’ve almost burned the house down in the process. For the past two days we’ve had power outages in town and it was suggested my tree was the reason. I can not confidently refute that assertion. I took this photo with the room lights off both to show how pretty the lights are and because the bulb is burned out in the overhead and I was too lazy to change it. I figure the tree will be enough for now.


Now it’s your turn! And for those of you who play along, I have a giveaway from Rachael at The Vintage Lane. She has graciously offered a $50 credit towards a hand-stamped jewelry purchase from her Etsy shop. Thanks for the fabulous gift, Rachael!

Okay, it’s time to hear from you girls! Show us How You Decorate!