God With Us Macedonia Event Recap

I’m not altogether certain how in to event recaps y’all are but for me they are a scroll of remembrance of the fabulous women the Lord has enabled me to serve through speaking. And you may or may not think this is weird, but I have an aversion to the term ‘speaking’. It seems an over-used, under-adequate word to describe those times when the Lord is able to communicate a Word to a room full of expectant hearts in spite of this flawed teacher. In a world where my terminology would make sense I’d prefer to be considered an invisible conduit present only as a means of delivering the message from point A to point B. Kind of like one of those vacuum tubes at the bank that I’ve yet to figure out. Except I have no idea how you would say that in an introduction:

“Greetings, Ladies. Our hose pipe thingie for the night is Lisa McKay.”

So, yeah. I understand ‘speaker’ is simpler but I will be infinitely happier when someone comes up with an alternative.

Once again, I’m taking the long way around to tell you that last weekend I travelled to “speak” for a Christmas banquet at Macedonia Baptist in Ranburne, AL. Macedonia reminded me SO much of my own church being tucked into the Alabama countryside. It was within smelling distance (as their PW, Stacy put it) of Georgia. It was also dangerously close to a Target. Georgia. Target. It was like being cradled between two of the great loves of my life.

Stacy’s girls put together a Christmas Spectacular that lived up to the name. There were tables galore decorated by hostesses that were positively stunning. Here are a few photos Stacey sent my way:
















This is just a sampling of all the gorgeous decor. There were many more tables and I’m sorry that I didn’t get them all but it was way past bedtime when I was uploading pictures! You can only imagine how beautiful it was with the lights dimmed and candles lit everywhere. It was magical, y’all!

Ladies, thank you once again for considering the implications of Immanuel in a way that I pray was as freshly relevant to you as it was me. Knowing that we have a condescending God who stooped low to make us great is still more than my heart can take in. This quote by Phillip Yancey is still my favorite: “A parent stands tall to administer discipline but stoops low to give love and affection.” Indeed, He is gracious. He is with us. He is for us, Immanuel.

I also have to add that Stacy and the precious church secretary, Charlotte, spoiled me all but rotten. Get this: Stacy had a Diet Dr. Pepper in the fridge so that I would have a cold one for the drive home. And then, she gave me not one but TWO cases of my favorite sized bottles to take with me! What? Are you kidding me? That kind of thoughtfulness is definitely a spiritual gift and definitely not one I take lightly. And Charlotte, dear. THANK YOU. You know of what I speak. There is a card on its way to you.

I also can not stop without mentioning the wonderful quiet time basket the T.E.A. ministry of the church put together for me. My camera is dead at the moment or I would photograph it. It was positively brimming with everything a woman needs for the perfect meeting time with Jesus from a journal to a devotional to tissue to MILK DUDS. Again, I’m overwhelmed at how much these girls went out of their way to bless me.

THANK YOU, Ranburne, and May God Be With You!

p.s.  How many of you girls have churches whose women’s ministries do Christmas events?  What types of things are you doing together?  Banquets, eating out, progressive dinners?  Love to hear how your church girls bond!