New Wineskins for New Wine

I’ve walked by the computer a ridiculous number of times the past few days with grand intentions of documenting and detailing all that’s been going on in the McKay house. Fortunately, we’ve been living faster than I can type so now I’ve let so much great stuff pile up in feels like a chore to fill in the blanks. And if there is anything blogging should be, a chore is not one of them. Fun, y’all. It’s supposed to be fun.

Speaking of fun, plenty is still being had. Currently I am washing 42 loads of laundry in preparation to go with the Youth Group to X-treme in Gatlinburg this weekend. Casting Crowns will be there as will Tony Nolan – my favorite Crazy-for-Jesus youth evangelist. That may be because I adore his wife Tammy whom I am looking so forward to seeing.

That aside, during all the wash and dry cycles, I’m studying for a couple of women’s events taking place in January focused on the idea of renewal. The Lord is hammering me with the Luke 5 parable of the patched garment and new wineskins for new wine. Some great stuff in there that I look forward to sharing with these girls as the Lord works it through with me. In short, He’s reminding me once again that we can’t slap a temporary fix on something that isn’t working and expect some revolutionary change. Coming from someone infamous for wanting to do as little work necessary to achieve a good-enough result, this is an overdue lesson that has found its way to the top of the heap of those it is high time I learn.

Which leads to the subject of resolutions. Temporary fixes most often leave me, and maybe you too, starting over again at the beginning of a New Year in some of the same old ruts that I was in the year before. I think I’m finally getting tired of it, hence my being resolved to see some changes in the wineskin so that all the new things the Lord wants to do in and through me won’t burst forth and then be spilled to the ground because I’m not strong enough to hold on to them.

And naturally, here is where I ask you if you’ve resolved to do a new thing in 2010. Do you find yourself in some of the same places year after year? Why do you think that is? I’m really interested in hearing your thoughts because, if I’ve not already told you, I think you girls have brilliant insight and you’ve helped me teach more times than you know.

I don’t say it enough but I hope you know how much I cherish the relationships that have developed from this community – be it from my dear homies to those of you I’ve yet to meet.  I’m praying this year is one in which you can see God’s signature all over and that you are looking expectantly on the one – and The One –  to come.