Until 2010…

As if it’s not obvious I’ve been on a little blog break, let me go ahead and proclaim it as official.  We are getting ready to head to Gatlinburg again this year with our church youth for Xtreme.  I’ll be excited when I can finally breathe a sigh of relief as we pull out of the driveway fully packed.   If you happen to be attending please look for me.  I’ll be the 30-something girl waving her lighter to Casting Crowns and fist-pumping/amen-ing Tony Nolan.   

You certainly deserve a more eloquent closure on 2009 than this; however, time doesn’t permit my waxing philosophical.  Let me simply say that all of you are dear to me.  I appreciate your reading, your comments, your emails, your encouragement more than I can say and if you will – keep it coming in 2010.  *grin*

See you in January!!