Winter Xtreme

December 2009 and January 2010 005

To clarify this photo of my little daughter, we had a fabulous time at Xtreme 2010! I didn’t take my computer to the mountains but I tried to Twitter  Ten Ways You Know You are Old at a Youth Conference. I kept losing count so I only ended up with eight, but among those that made the list (or should have) were:

1. You are not wearing a North Face Jacket or Ugg Boots.
2. Rather than be amused at the kid who can pop his jaw out of socket for the Stupid Human Trick show, your motherly instincts are in instant red alert over his obvious orthodontia issues.
3. Your favorite session is Johnny Hunt exegeting James.
4. Matt Pitt freaks you out.
5. FlyLeaf freaks you completely out.

My oldest son is partial to Ergun Caner because he is interested in apologetics. His five point message from 2 Corinthians peppered with his usual sarcasm was the highlight for him.

But can we talk about my highlight? Because the Youth Conference was about me, right?


This is the third time I’ve seen them live and once again they brought the worship. It’s so refreshing to see a band whose music is an overflow of their ministry and not at all what they consider to be central to it. I love Mark’s testimony of how they never sought a record contract and yet the Lord knew how much we all needed to be discipled by them in song. This music has literally been the sound track to my Christian walk. I am a grateful girl to have had the opportunity to usher in a New Year to the sound of their voices.

And by the way, when I get to heaven, I’m asking the Lord to let me sing like Melodee and Megan. Y’all ROCK, girls.

(Yes, I’m sending them personal messages since I’m oh-so-certain they read this blog.)

After Crowns and a quick message by Dr. Hunt (and no I didn’t stalk him this year), KJ52 ushered in 2010 with a music montage in which he asked us to dance along on cue. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so, my friends, I got my swag on. I’m certain I humiliated my children. I’m hoping there are no photos.

And no Xtreme coverage would be complete without mentioned Tony Nolan. Fabulous ministry this man and his precious wife Tammy have. I appreciate that he doesn’t sugar coat the fact of sin. Three of our youth professed faith in Christ after his message New Year’s Eve to the praise of His glory!

I had also looked so forward to seeing Tammy again and like a doofus decided to put off a visit until Friday when they weren’t flogged by the crowds. As in Friday when they were already gone. What was I thinking? I do not know. I did get to see that darlin’ Joy Fei Fei on the big screen though. That child stole the heart of approximately every single person in the room.

A couple more photos:

My oldest son (on the right) and one of his buds…(He was not wearing his North Face jacket.  Or his Uggs.)

December 2009 and January 2010 032

The drive home…the first decent amount of snow we’ve seen in years. Beautiful but a little nerve wracking for southern people with no winter weather driving skillz!

December 2009 and January 2010 037


Enough about us…hope y’all are diving headlong into a year full of new things!