Fun in Oneonta!

As long as I live I won’t ever get over thanking the Lord for allowing me the privilege of teaching His Word to a some of the most adorable women EVER. In a strictly hypothetical sense, you would think there would eventually be a group that you wouldn’t be smitten with, but so far, hasn’t happened. Women are just fabulous wherever you go. In Saturday’s case, it was Mary Snyder’s church girls in Oneonta, AL who congregated at the COUNTRY CLUB no less. We are bona fide, indeed.

An added bonus were the familiar faces of Siestaville who trekked through the blizzard to attend. Here’s a couple of pics….some mine, some stolen:

1. Mary, Robyn, and Cathy having a post-meal at the local Mexican restaurant.


2. Nikki finally taught me the fine art of auto-photography. I always chop off my head.


3.  Dedra Herod and her bff Karen who is adorable and I love her !

January Mary's Church Thing 009

4. Mary and her daughter, Charity. I think she was a little concerned her mom’s computer friends would be weird. She had every right to be. They are.

Mary and Charity

5. Love these faces!

oneonta girls

6. My girl Robyn.


7. Cathy Davis and Anna Nicole.

cathy and anna nicole

My friends Stacy and Charlotte also came over from Ranburne. It was great seeing you! Mary and girls, thanks again for entrusting this time to me.

My heart is full.