Connecting with my Inner Tweener

Darlin’ Wendy B. left this comment on my previous post:

“Lisa, do please tell where you find nice long scarves like the one you’re wearing in the photos – everything I see is so short!”

The scarf in question is this one (I’m in the middle on the bottom row):

oneonta girls

Before I reveal the answer to this critical question, in the words of Desi Arnaz, I have some ‘splainin’ to do.

Now here’s how this thing went down….

Last week I desperately needed a pair of black pants to wear to Mary’s shindig.  I had intended to go to Chattanooga but the dern blizzard wrecked my plans and left me at home instead with all the children.  And if you think I am going shopping alone with the four of them EVER again after the Target Fiasco of 2008, well, you’d be smokin’ something illegal.  Nevermind that I would also have to drive off an icy mountain and of all the ways there are to leave this earth, I’d prefer a Thelma and Louise  death not to be the way I meet My Maker.

So, I decided I’d brave the drive to our closest town.  There are a couple of clothing stores there and though I’m not a huge fan of any of them, I was hopeful I could at least find a pair of black pants that I wouldn’t have to have altered or fabric glue a shorter hem or whatever before I could wear them.   (I’m 5’3″ so the chance of something fitting me off the rack is unlikely at best.)

I carefully made my way to the Big City and what did I find when I got there?  Every stinkin’ business was shut down.  Because of the faux blizzard.   I had myself a little panic attack because my 3 stores had now been narrowed to one:  Walmart.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not above wearing Walmart clothes but I’ve looked for pants there before and have never been able to find anything with the right fit.  I’m also a girl who appreciates options and knowing that THERE WERE NO OPTIONS was freaking me out just a whole heckuva lot.

SO.  I go to the clothing department and find a rack full of black George pants in 10 different cuts.   I tried on several and was shocked to find a Petite that both fit my short waist and were the perfect length. I looked around for a shirt or sweater of some kind and remembered seeing on The View  that morning that if you are having a clothing emergency, one should opt for solid back and then throw in a scarf for that pop o’ color.  I was a little concerned I’d look like a depressed hairdresser going to a cult funeral, but in the end decided to test the waters of edginess.   I picked up a matching George black shirt (nothing worse than 2 different dye lots of black) and headed to the scarf section.  I found a gray/black/purple one that I liked and called it done.

I was so relieved to have found an acceptable outfit so I paid and got myself home.   Once I got there, I pulled the clothes out and examined the scarf a little more closely.  That’s when I spotted the label:


As in Hannah Montana. 

I bought Hannah Montana clothes.

Because I am 12.

Oh I know that it shouldn’t really matter and I’ll be proving how petty I am when I tell you I wouldn’t have bought the scarf if I knew it was Miley.  Lame, I know.  The truth is, I’m having a horrible time admitting to myself I actually like it. 

However, I will draw the line at this Miley/Max Bubble Party Dress.  It looks more like Deb’s sleeve in Napoleon Dynamite. 



And her One-shouldered tank (but only because I’ve not seen my collar bones since 1996.  If I had Jillian’s buff arms, a possibility?) :


 So to answer your question, Wendy, (Wendy?  You still here Wendy?)   I found that long scarf at Walmart.  I, for one,  will not judge you if you buy one too.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get off here so I can catch the new episode of Jonas Brothers.