In Real Life…

UPDATE:  Girls, THANK YOU for your enthusiasm!  This wouldn’t be near as fun if I didn’t get to share it with you!


This afternoon I pulled out of the driveway to go visit one of my besties, Deedra, who had an abruptly scheduled surgery yesterday.  (She’s doing great, by the way.  She is every woman.  Girlfriend gets more done in-firmed with three kids on her hip than I get done perfectly healthy when my kids are at school for eight hours.)  But that’s not the point.   Of course you know me by now so you aren’t at all surprised that we are getting to this thing the long way around.

So, I’m pulling out of the driveway (isn’t that how the first paragraph began?) and notice there are a few boxes on the front porch.  It’s not unusual for UPS or FedEx to deliver church packages to the house if it’s after office hours so fleetingly I thought, “Awana…” and kept going.  And then it hit me. 

Could it be?

But it’s not time yet!

But what if…?

I slammed the car in reverse, pulled into the front yard and ran to the porch with keys in hand.  My eyes went straight to the shipping label which was addressed directly to me. (Definitely not Awana supplies!)  I banged on the door, yelled for Luke, took my keys, ripped into the package and it was…….   




January2009BooksSequoyah 022

Hello, love!  It’s about time this computer relationship took the next step.

January2009BooksSequoyah 023

You’re even cuter in real life!  How often does that happen?


January2009BooksSequoyah 024

As beautiful on the inside as on the out…


january2009book 002

And look, we even have mutual friends! (Yes, the same Deedra as above whose visit spurred this discovery.  No question who has the better camera skillz.)

This relationship has been brewing for a very, very long time.  I knew I wouldn’t have adequate words to describe the first meeting when I finally got to see all the contents of a glowing screen come to life.  Until I do, I know you will excuse me if I return to my crying. 

More later when there isn’t so much snot involved. 

I promise.  (More that is.  I can’t assure you there will be no snot.)