Making A Statement

I’m a huge fan of the statement ring and I tend to be overzealous in proselytizing my girlfriends to be the same.  So, imagine my delight – my sheer happiness! –  when I got this pic of Charity (Mary’s adorable daughter – love her!) showing me that she’d bought a ring from Charming Charlies just like one I wore to Revive 2010. 

Look, a convert!   (A convert with collar bones.  I’m trying not to be jealous considering mine have been in hiding since 1996 aka The Year the Babies Took Over.)

Seeing Charity’s ring inspired me to show you a couple more from my collection.

1.  The Dogwood:  My first big ring.  I got it at The Limited (Clearance of course. For some reason it must not have been a big seller?) I ADORE it.



2.  This one has an amber-colored stone so I wear it with most of my browns.  A treasure from Kohl’s.


2.  The Gladiator:   This one is a bronze metallic dome and for some reason makes me think of armor.   My kids who have been thumped in the head with it when  being rowdy in church agree.  Where did it come from?   Target, baby!

4.  Bejeweled Blitz:  This is my latest purchase from CC’s.  If there is one in your area, you simply must go.  All the jewelry is displayed by color so it’s easy to find something to go with that new blue sweater.


5.  This next photo is to give you an idea of scale.  (Notice I cropped out my nails which are overrun with winter-dried cuticles)  When Luke saw this ring he said, “don’t you think that’s a bit excessive?”  to which I delightedly answered, “Why YES!  YES IT IS!”   He then said, “I bet you paid $10 for that thing!”  I simply turned to him and said, “You are welcome.”

Him:  You’re welcome?

Me:  Yes, you’re welcome because you have a wife contented with $10 jewelry.

Him: Man, did I mention I love that ring!?


Which begs the question:  What kind of jewelry girl are you?  Would you rather have one fabulous ring for a $1000 or one hundred $10 costume rings?   Is your style classic or gaudy?

I think y’all know my answers.

p.s.  Thank all of you who responded to the Obedience question.  I haven’t forgotten about it!  I’m working on crafting a thoughtful post versus one that resembles this one.