The Disconnect Between Knowing and Doing

So I’ve been doing a lot of studying in James 1:22-25 in preparation for my church’s annual women’s retreat.  (And it totally wasn’t lost on me that Beth got on this passage in Session Two of Breaking Free tonight!)  James is not for the faint of heart.  Homeboy just tells it like it is which is why I’m particularly fond of him even in the midst of recovering from the wounds he inflicts on my sinful soul.  One of the themes of our study weekend will address the disconnect between heart and hand – of what we hear versus what we do.  In short, it’s all about obedience, girlfriends, which is the point of my writing today.

One of the beauties of our blog community is the wealth of life experience that we are able to share with one another.    Your insights are invaluable to me because you bring balance to my points of view which may not cover the full spectrum of the needs of those listening.  Yes, I trust the ‘rhema’ word of God, but I also know that as a woman I need practicality for a lesson to hit home.

Do you girls care if we have ourselves a little discussion?  I welcome you to answer anonymously if you’d like.  

1.  Think of the most current thing the Lord has asked of you in the matter of a command/conviction/etc.   Did you obey what He asked of you?

2.  If yes, was it relatively easy?    Was it excruciatingly hard?     What was the end result?

3.  If you did not, why?    Does the term ‘spiritual blackmail’ speak to the possibility of some perceived disaster Satan has used to threaten your obedience?

These questions are vague because I want to explore your responses.   I encourage you to expand on these thoughts in any way you feel compelled.  

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.    I’ll talk back in the comments!