At Long Last – Release!

February 1 was the big day when my book was officially released and appeared on a shelf in a real live bookstore.

A friend was having a baby in a hospital close to LifeWay so I decided to run see mine just before I saw hers.  When I got there, I sat in the parking lot for a few minutes. It’s hard to explain why.  I finally went in, made my way to the Women’s section, and saw this:

I stood there long enough to appreciate the moment but not so long as to alert security.  I don’t think.  I thought I would cry.  I didn’t but not because I wasn’t on the verge.  I was simply trying to keep from looking any more freakish.   I just had myself a sweet moment with Jesus where I basically told Him, “You did this.  You did this.  Thank you. ”   I said some other stuff but you understand if it’s kind of personal.

I finally left the store knowing this was one of those days that would forever be written on a personal scroll of remembrance. .  

When I got home, I found these waiting for me:

They weren’t from Luke but not because he wouldn’t have sent flowers.  He just knew I would choke him for being so outlandish.  These were congratulations from a precious church member which served to heighten all I wrote about how extravagantly they love my family.  We love you right back, IBC!

Lastly, to those of you who’ve been asking if we’ll be doing an online discussion, the answer is YES!  I’m trying to work on the logistics of that as we speak.  Look for an announcement soon.

I truly pray this little book o’ mine will be a great encouragement to you.  If  it’s not, please don’t tell me.  

 I’m unstable.

p.s.  Don’t forget to put your ministers’ wives names in the hat over at for the ‘You Deserve to Pamper Yourself Contest’.  It will continue through March 15.  I can’t wait to choose the winner!