Answering Your Questions…

I promised y’all I wouldn’t hijack the blog with book details but I’m getting a lot of email asking the question, “Where can I get your book?” or “Can I buy a signed copy from you?” or “Can I send my book to you and have you sign it and return to me?” and finally, “Are you having any other book signings besides Chattanooga?”

Let me answer those one at a time:

1.   You can purchase the book here:



Family Christian

Barnes and Noble

Books A Million




I am unsure which independent booksellers are carrying it but if you can’t find it in a local store, most are more than willing to order it for you.



Barnes and Noble

Parable Christian Stores


Books A Million

2. and 3.  I am not selling the book on my own so I am unable to fill orders for signed books.  It’s also very difficult for me to keep up with your shipping books to me and my returning them.  Y’all, truth is I’m a scatterbrain in a house of messy kids.  If I could even remember to ship it back to you it’d probably have mystery smears on it.   I appreciate your understanding and hope you don’t think I’m a jerk.