Emerging from the Migraine Fog

Hey Girls!

Just wanted to pop in for just a second to say hi. Luke is busy watching American Pickers and dreaming of the day I’ll give my blessing for him to open his own junk shop. I’m thinking he could do plenty of pickin’ in our storage building but for some reason cleaning out our own free garbage doesn’t scream adventure like buying someone else’s.

This week has been one of those with more to do than hours accomplish it all. Tuesday night I got the beginnings of what I thought was a stress headache only to have it turn in to a full blown migraine the entirety of Wednesday. It felt like a band of angry elves was trapped in my head and determined to make their exit through my eye sockets whether my pesky eyeballs were in the way or not. I’m still a little hung over and tender from it but thankfully I’ve felt better today. As much as I grieved the loss of the time I didn’t think I had, the Lord was good to suggest that perhaps He was enforcing some stillness as a spiritual re-boot of sorts.

Today I put some final touches on a message I’m teaching tomorrow for a church in my community. The Lord compelled me to deliver a somewhat cheesy Valentine to them. That’s all I’ll say for now so as not to totally blow it. I told Luke as I’ll tell you, sometimes I get the urge to say or do something so completely weird that I’ll second guess myself out of following through. However, I’ve learned that often times those nudgings are really tiny ways the Lord wants to manifest Himself to some special one. So, corny or not, I’m going to just do what I feel He told me and rest in the fact He won’t be mad if I tried to obey a command that may very well end up being static in the radio.

And speaking of cheesy Valentines, we took the kids to see Tooth Fairy tonight to mark the day a bit early since Sunday’s are too crazy. I highly recommend this movie. It was so incredibly clean (not one dirty word that I know of?) and surprisingly funny and The Rock is in it. Do I need to say more? I particularly loved it because the boy who plays Ashley Judd’s son looks just like my Boy Two. I mean it was uncanny to watch even down to the mannerisms. Maybe I need to send my kid to L.A. Or on second thought, not.

Okay, so I’ve committed to an early bed time for the rest of the week so I’m checking out. Look for an announcement Monday or Tuesday about our Online Discussion Group on Cute Shoes. Of course it will be open to ministry wives but I’m really hoping laypeople will participate also. Relationships, people! We are building relationships!

One last note: A dear friend of mine, Necoe, has just started a new blog called According to Us. Necoe and her hubby Alan lived in the other half of our duplex in college and to say we had some great times is a colossal understatement. Necoe is just way cooler of a woman and mom than I ever dared hope to be. Alan is a college professor now and writes those kinds of papers that require google and a dictionary and a concordance to decipher. Heck, I need that just to figure out his Facebook statuses. Anyhoo, I’d love it if you’d give Necoe a visit to welcome her to our blog world. (Y’all are awesome.)

Have a fabulous weekend!