Urgent Alert

UPDATE: Phoenix has been FOUND! Thank all of you for your prayers and concern. He is safe at home and I’m certain this precious family would appreciate your continued support.

Also, ‘Cute Shoes’ Online Discussion will resume next Tuesday. My head just hasn’t been in it considering all that’s been going on. I hope y’all will forgive me and use the time to catch up on previous weeks if you’ve fallen behind. Much love to you girls!

This is Phoenix Boek.  He and his family attend our church and he is a member of our youth group.  Phoenix has been missing since this morning and was last seen walking down Hwy. 75 between Fyffe and Geraldine at about 7 p.m. CST.  He is Native American, about 5’10, 15 years old, wears glasses and is accompanied by a very large dog. 

Locals, please keep your eyes open and ask questions of businesses, etc. if you are in the area as to whether they may have spotted him.  Phoenix’s family used to live in the Asbury/Albertville area so he may be trying to connect with someone there.  Foul play is not suspected but obviously the world is not a safe place for a young boy alone – especially at night.   If you are not local, please pray for Phoenix’s safety and swift return home.

If you are a friend of Phoenix’s and have any knowledge of his whereabouts, please, please let someone know.  This situation is much bigger than simply being a loyal friend.  Event though protecting him feels like it is helping, in this instance it is only hurting all involved.  His family desperately needs to know he is safe.

Anyone with information should contact the DeKalb Co. Sheriff’s Department at (256) 845-8561 or call 911.