Things Found

This week I’ve been cleaning out closets and organizing drawers because I couldn’t find a fork to stick in my eye while watching the House vote on health care reform. I didn’t take before and after pictures of my projects because truly, you would judge me. However, I did find a couple of things that gave me my smile back:

This is a Thanksgiving place mat The Girl made for us. I’ve seen the front of this in my night stand drawer 50 times. Pretty self explanatory:

I have no idea why I’ve never paid any attention to the back of the placemat.

My precious little daughter wished her parents a Happy Thanksgivings with a p.s. Pease Out Sukers (translation: peace out suckers). Totally having a Thanksgiving banner printed for this year’s dinner. (Or maybe the Republicans can use it for their campaign slogan when they take back the Senate and House this fall.)


(Couldn’t resist.)

(Moving on now.)

Then there was this little treasure I found in my desk drawer.

I’m not altogether certain if Mary is overcome by the sight of Baby Jesus or by her husband’s unfortunate headlessness.  Call me weird, but I can’t quite bring myself to throw the Holy Child into the garbage.  It went back in the drawer until I can get Joseph’s head reattached.

So, is anyone else in the spring cleaning mood?  

Or not?