I Was Inspired by the Color

So Tera was the latest to be kicked off Design Star and frankly, I was glad considering she dissed on Stacey’s adorable painted chair that took girlfriend a sweet forever to complete because she couldn’t decide which color looked better.  Stacey is my kind of girl.  Tera tanked when she was supposed to translate an urban outfit into room decor.  Rather than create an edgy look, she took the blue and yellow of the clothing and slapped it on the walls and curtains.  Tera darlin’, that’s exactly what I would have done which confirms you really aren’t ready for your own show.   

So, are y’all following Design Star?  Have a favorite yet?  Maybe it’s just me but so far there aren’t any standouts.  It’s much easier for me to pick out who I don’t like vs. who I do which means Nina has got to go.  I’m having a hard time seeing why the judges seem to like her style.  My 7-year-old can scribble on a wall.

Never has my inability to make decorating decisions – or any decisions period –  been more heightened than in this whole house building process.  I’ve discovered I’m like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride when it’s revealed she doesn’t even know how she likes her eggs – she just takes on the favorite of her significant other.  Even in the areas I thought I had strong opinions (i.e. the kitchen cabinets) all it takes is for Luke to say one word about liking something different and I am completely undone and second guessing whether what I like is the right thing. 

For example, I love the buttermilk cabinet look with contrasting island.  He likes the sleeker, more contemporary maples.  How do you marry those two?  Answer: you don’t.  I don’t think? (I told y’all I have no clue what I’m doing.)

So tell me, which of these kitchens would you choose? (In concept, not exact representation and keeping in mind our house is Craftsman-inspired.) Is the contrasting island thing on it’s way out? Have any tips on kitchen design that I need to know before we make our final picks?

island traditional kitchen


Hartung Residence contemporary kitchen

By the way, if you are building or remodeling or just dreaming, check out www.houzz.com. You can create your own idea books from thousands of beautiful photos for every room in the house. I’m obsessed.