HGTV Junkies

Wow.  I knew I had neglected the blog but we are going nigh on 3 weeks with no communique’.  I know you are devastated.  The problem with getting this far behind is fighting the urge to return to all that’s been going on and realizing not one bit of it is interesting.  At all.

It would be so awesome if I could tell you I’m ready to break the streak of boring but truth is we’ve been working at the Pee Wee football Jamboree all day and I’m ridiculously exhausted so I’ve laid myself up in bed to enjoy an evening of House Hunters.  Yes, hubs and I are both HGTV junkies.  Luke is the only straight man I know that can define ‘focal point’.   On this episode of HH, a couple is looking for a green home and this real estate agent is trying to sell them on a particular house because it has high efficiency light bulbs. Yep. I’m certain they will pick it now.  Oh, wait.  Just found out this house also doesn’t have polyurethane finish on the floors that emit those pesky toxic fumes.  That’s a plus. Now we’ve arrived at the climax of the show when we learn whether they buy the Non-Green home in order to remodel it using green features.  Which begs the question, if you renovate and throw away all the non-green stuff, isn’t that in effect being non-green?  Wouldn’t it be less wasteful to keep the old stuff?  These are the things that I think about.  

As for houses, ours is coming right along.  We are painting and putting in flooring this week.  The process has been relatively simple but it’s getting a little stressful now that the finishes are going in.  I’m a horrible decision maker and I’m pretty confident our cabinet maker is ready to close up his entire shop and go out of business if he sees my face one more time.  I went into his showroom dead set on painted cabinets with a dark island and when I walked out I had stained.  We got into the parking lot and Luke said, “What in the world just happened in there?  Why did you change everything?!”  It was the pressure!  Just too much pressure!  I could discern from the cab guy that he wasn’t crazy about painted cabinets and so being the wimp I am when it comes to wanting to do what the experts consider the ‘right’ thing, I caved and picked what he liked instead of what I loved. 

I came home so disappointed, checked my emails and saw I had a blog note from my darling friend Melissa at Inspired Room. I emailed her with my dilemma and she talked me down from my stained cabinet ledge.  In short, she gave me the excellent advice of doing what I loved no matter what someone else considered the best thing.  I knew I would not love those stained cabinets so I got brave and called the guy Monday morning and asked him to make the changes.  So in essence, we just switched places on the ledge.  As horrible as I felt for doing it to him, I’m pretty sure he’ll feel better when he gets the check.

I’m looking forward to showing some pictures when the thing is done.  It really hasn’t looked much like a house until the last couple of weeks but now it’s finally beginning to look like something we may live in sometime soon.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited our family remains.  It’s a 20 year dream that we never thought we’d be able to see happen.  God is good and the fact He orchestrated the whole thing iin the exact timing that He has isn’t lost on us one bit.

The only thing to make it any better would be for Candace Olson to come decorate the entire thing.  For free.  As of right now, most of the rooms are beige because I have no decor.  I was watching Sarah’s House the other day and was excited to find out that she was going to decorate 2 bedrooms on a budget.  Her ‘budget’ was 10,000.  For one kids’ bedroom.  I don’t think I’ve spent that much on my entire home in the last 20 years of marriage.  Let’s just say for now we are concentrating on getting in the thing and will hopefully have many happy years to work on furnishings. 

So tell me, any of you girls do any fun budget decorating lately?  I would love to see your projects! 

But only if they cost less than 10 grand.