He’s So Not Cool

One of the most fabulous things about being a minister’s family is the joy of having a front row seat to the important days in the lives of our people when they are at their happiest: the birth of babies, the dedications of the same, the baptisms, the birthday parties, the graduations, and the marriages just to name a few.  (Okay, so maybe we don’t have a front row seat to the birthing of babies but I’m confident you get what I’m sayin’.)  There’s so much about ministry that makes us cry so when we get to smile with our peeps?  Well, it’s the best. Sign us up, please.

Luke and I have had the most fun over the past few weeks spending time with two of our favorite people on this planet from a former pastorate, Josh and Johnna, for what we would like to call pre-marital counseling sessions.  In reality, we’ve just talked a lot of God, married life, and laughed our heads off.  Josh and Johnna are just cool.  That’s all there is to it.  Josh is an avid fisherman and prone to wandering to Montana for the perfect trout.  Johnna is drop-dead gorgeous, doesn’t need one bit of makeup to look that way, and is as stunning in her Teva’s as she is her heels.  They’ve been dating 7 years and have honored God in their relationship.  They give me hope for my own kids that there is still a remnant of that generation whose goal in life is following hard after Christ and glorifying Him through their marriage.  Also, did I mention how cool they are? 

During pre-marital counseling, Luke will at some point address the particulars of the ceremony like The Vows and What The Bride Wants Him to Wear.  You know, the important stuff.  It was in this part of the conversation the other night when Luke asked Josh what color cumberbund he would be wearing.


Now, let me first clarify that I am not cool. Much. However, I knew the cumberbund thing had been out for a good 3 years.  And I would have given cash money to have had a photo of the first looks on Josh and Johnna’s face when Luke asked the question.  The expressions morphed from, “Oh, bless his heart.  Let’s not tell him those went out of style with his mullet..” to hysteria when I suggested I would wear a matching prom dress and we could have the first dance to Chaka Khan or Bryan Adams.  

It was during all the laughing that I looked at Luke and realized Reason #4022 that I love him so much is that is absolutely does not care if he is likened to James Dean or Mr. Rogers.  Sure, it’s nice to be cool but even more attractive when you don’t have to be.  And as for marriage, there is nothing more secure than settling in with a man who is confident, steady, predictable, and who isn’t likely to hit some freak-show mid-life crisis in fear he’s losing his youthful appeal.  So my advice to you darlin’ girls who are still waiting for Mr. Right?  Make sure he’s a dork.  My man is.

(And just maybe his woman is, too?)

But I wouldn’t have him any other way.

(And vice versa, I’m sure.)