A Chris Tomlin Giveaway

I’m not one who typically does reviews. Not because I don’t appreciate the opportunities but because if I can’t say anything nice I don’t want to say anything at all. I feel guilty for taking a book or cd, etc. if I’m not pretty confident I can say all wonderful things about it. I find it is much more fun to cheer on my brothers and sisters in Christ for a job well done rather than discredit the product of their blood, sweet, and tears. So maybe it’s not really fair to say this is a review but rather a shout out to our boy CHRIS TOMLIN who once again has not disappointed with his latest release, “And If Our God is For Us“.

I find the Lord often sends a cd into my life as background music to my most recent turmoils.  The very pressing need of my current prayers have everything to do with trusting that the Lord is always, always on my side even when it feels like He is being mean or asking more of me than He does the average Joe.  Or Jane.  Or whatever.  God’s good intention towards us is perhaps one of the greatest gifts of faith and I don’t know a single person on this planet who doesn’t need to be reminded of that fact on a regular basis.  I was thinking just this thing as I was reading through Chris’ thoughts on the theme of this album. (And no, I didn’t talk to him personally though that would have been awesome to have been able to ask him questions like “Where’d you get that awesome leather jacket you are wearing on the cd cover?” and “Dude!  Louis Giglio is your pastor? Can you get me a signed laminin t-shirt?”.) 

Yep.  There’s a reason I’m not granted interviews with cool people.  (Except that is sort of a total lie because I have one coming up really soon with someone who was just too sweet to say no.  You don’t want to miss it!) 

Back to Chris’  thoughts:   

“For the longest time I had a different title for the album,” Tomlin shares. “At the end of the day though, I really came back to ‘And If Our God Is For Us. . .’ I just love that statement because if you really believe in God, everything is possible. Miracles can happen and all things are available to you no matter what you are going through. There’s a scripture that tells you that God is for you so who can be against you. I love the hope that’s in that statement.”

Well said, brother. And well sung. 

And here’s the awesome part!  The friendlies at The{m}collective have provided a copy of Chris’ cd to give to you.  To enter, simply leave a comment telling us the title of your favorite Chris Tomlin song.  If you aren’t familiar with him, no worries.  Just promise Chris he will become your favorite artist ever if you win the cd.  I will leave the entries open until Wednesday and choose a winner on Thursday.